Westbase Networks, your 4G/5G and IoT distributor


Westbase Networks supports you, our partner, and your customers through design, build and management of your 4G/5G and Internet of Things opportunities. Delivering an end-to-end approach, we provide a blueprint for a successful deployment.

Delivering better customer experiences, safety and ways of working.

Connectivity which is flexible and scales easily, without compromising security and performance, are core to delivering new technologies in modern organisations today. Whether connecting sites, teams or assets, selecting the right solution
is essential.

Why Westbase Networks?

Westbase Networks has extensive experience in wireless last mile connectivity, specialising in 4G/5G. Working with us gives you access to this expertise as well as:

  • The industry leaders in 4G/5G, we only work with the best, plus a range of complementary technologies
  • Help to identify, nurture and win opportunities by leveraging our broad application and vertical market knowledge
  • Partner services designed to support you where you need it, so you can focus on what you do best

Primary & Failover Connectivity

Primary & Failover Connectivity

Temporary Connectivity

Temporary Connectivity

Vehicle Connectivity

Vehicle Connectivity

IoT Connectivity

Westbase Networks


Westbase Networks offers a range of design services, from HD wireless network planning to helping select the right hardware and services. Our presales and engineering teams will help you to design a complete solution.


In addition to accessing the leading global vendors in 4G/5G and IoT connectivity, with Westbase Networks you can also take advantage of a range of procurement and staging services. This ensures an end-to-end, plug and play solution.


From standard support available to all partners, to bespoke NOC-as-a-service options, Westbase Networks can provide in-life support to monitor, manage and maintain your deployments.