4G/5G for Police

4G/5G for Police

A 4G/5G in-vehicle networking solution can help by giving your Officers access to the information they need, when they need it regardless of their location – as well as connecting other tech which can better support them on the road. Helping to improve productivity and performance, Westbase Networks 4G/5G solutions enables your police service to meet its demands effectively.

Customer success

We’ve worked with over 40 emergency service teams across the UK and Europe to deliver in-vehicle networking – not to mention many other fleet and transportation customers. Check out how we did it and what they achieved by reading some of our case studies:

South Wales Police

Find out how South Wales Police deployed an in-vehicle connectivity solution which would be reliable, even in the most remote locations.

Trend Controls Case Study 800X800

Westbase Networks 4G/5G for police solutions support these use cases...

The Emergency Services Network (ESN) will initially run alongside the existing TETRA network in the UK, and will leverage both commercial and dedicated 4G LTE networks to fulfil primary communication requirements. Westbase Networks in-vehicle solutions for police are ESN-ready, with many solutions already deployed in recent years being field upgradable also. These devices are currently undergoing the approval process or have otherwise already been approved by the Home Office (please call for details).

For real-time analysis and support of your fleet. Built in GPS/GNSS and OBD-II integration enables simplified data retrieval, while flexible API integration allows this information to be easily fed into your chosen systems.

To improve the security of your Officers and the public. Westbase Networks 4G/5G for police solutions enable elective retrieval of footage in real-time so that your central support teams can better understand and assist Officer situations.

Ensures that the right equipment is functional and available when it is needed. Using the 4G/5G in-vehicle solution, you can track when an item is removed and if it has been returned.

for all of your handheld devices such as phone, tablets and laptops. Enable your remote Officers to get online, so they can securely access and update central databases with reports, evidence collection, and so on – allowing them to spend more time on the road and less at the station, while still completing the necessary “paperwork”. Access to historical reports and information also provides the intelligence your Officers need to make faster decisions on the go.

Such as automatic number plate and facial recognition is enabled, by providing the reliable, secure connectivity necessary to connect to and confer with central databases. ANPR, amongst other specialist police technologies, enables your Officers to perform their duties more effectively and efficiently.

Emergency services, and other similar organisations, need to be able to serve the public as efficiently and effectively as possible, yet lack of connectivity at incident sites can be highly limiting. By using a 4G/5G solution in such cases though, you can get teams up and running in the field – not only improving on-the-ground operations but also collaboration between teams and services. Complete with cloud management and enterprise-grade security, our 4G/5G rapid deployment connectivity solutions can be remotely managed by your central IT teams without having to go into the field, while also maintaining your security policies regardless of the network location.

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“The Officers have got a lot of things to think about, and the last of which needs to be thinking about whether they can get their data back to source […] The in-vehicle WiFi has really made a huge leap towards the 100% connectivity that we were looking for, they just get the best possible signal wherever they are.”

– Detective Constable Gregory Methven, South Wales Police.

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