IT Professionals Working with

IT Professionals Working with

DELIVERING YOUR DIGITAL WORLD, WITHOUT BOUNDARIES can support IT professionals to connect the applications needed to support organisational objectives. Whether it’s delivering better customer experiences, safety, or ways of working, we deliver the best fit technology for every use case and demand.

Working through our network of experienced channel partners, are independent experts across wireless and wired technologies. We can work with you and your chosen partner to carefully select the right solution from a range of vendors.

Meanwhile, our wraparound services complement the partner’s own capabilities at every stage from initial planning to in-life technical support. This ensures that you and our mutual partner can rest assured that your projects are fully supported throughout.

Flexible partner services

Good connections rely on different elements fitting together. It’s not just our technical solutions that follow this idea, but our partner support too.

We make it easy to add new capabilities that complement your chosen partner’s. From initial network planning to in-life technical support, our partner toolkit includes a full range of services that cover the whole project lifecycle. You and your supplier partner can choose what you need, leave what you don’t – we work as a true extension of your teams.

Reach further, connect faster

We’re passionate about helping organisations to achieve their digital transformation goals. That’s why we work in partnership with you and your chosen supplier partner to deliver your big business ambition as well as the tiny technical details.

Our aim? To enable your organisation to operate unhindered by connectivity and communication issues.

Offering a range of best-in-class networking, security, and Extended Reality solutions, we can help you to expand your reach further and connect faster with your customers, implementing services which meet their exact requirements, while also providing the support you demand.

Our service catalogue Partner Services

Enquire now have helped to connect 1000s of different assets and solutions across many industries and use cases. With over 35 years’ experience, we provide you with access to:

  • A broad network of experienced channel partners
  • A flexible portfolio of industry-leading vendors
  • Extensive technology and industry understanding
  • Support and services that fit your needs

Work with us to deliver your digital world, without boundaries.

IT Professionals and

Key industries we support

With an ever-expanding use of technology in retail and hospitality to drive efficiencies and improve customer experience, organisations require solutions that can evolve with them. Our portfolio of networking solutions and services, combined with our leading Extended Reality portfolio of smart glasses and Robotic Vision cameras, can support a wide range of business requirements and applications.

Getting connected on day one of a new site, then staying connected, is key to ensuring your construction operations perform effectively and efficiently. As is ensuring best-in-class communications across all teams. With a broad selection of technology options, solutions are resilient and scalable – making it easy to deploy and manage your ICT.

Whether it’s delivering a best-in-class enterprise network to connect employees, or providing in-vehicle and rapid deployment connectivity for emergency services, the public sector demands reliability and security in their connectivity. Supporting frontline workers with the data and support they need is also a key consideration, which our Extended Reality solutions can address.

Defence organisations are increasingly adopting connected technologies to improve operations in remote locations and advance their training programmes.’s solutions are all simple to deploy and manage remotely, allowing teams to deliver and maintain resilient communications which go anywhere to ensure operational readiness. offer a selection of camera and door access solutions which are simple, scalable, and easily managed from a single pane of glass. Our networking portfolio meanwhile provides the flexible connectivity that security systems require – whether that’s at fixed sites where you can integrate them directly with your enterprise network, or at remote and temporary sites which demand “go anywhere” connectivity.

Healthcare organisations have complex and diverse requirements, and digital transformation is increasingly the answer to supporting these. From reliable connectivity that can support both fixed and mobile teams or assets, to optimised processes and communications using smart glasses for telemedicine and conferencing, has a range of solutions ideal for this industry.

Key industry issues such as improving safety, avoiding downtime, accelerating knowledge transfer, and reducing carbon footprint, are the biggest drivers behind digital transformation in oil and gas. From our Extended Reality smart glasses for frontline workers, which support use cases such as remote assistance and digital workflows, to flexible, scalable networking solutions that provide the backbone of future-proofed ICT, can help.

Digital transformation in the marine industry is essential to delivering more efficient and sustainable operations, as well as contributing directly to revenue growth and improved competitive strategy. Reliable, scalable connectivity and communications are critical to supporting workers, sensors, and systems so they can operate unhindered. offer a range of solutions which can enable this.

Manufacturing and industrial environments are heavily focused on predictive maintenance and knowledge sharing programmes to address their key drivers of reduced downtime and increased productivity.’s range of networking and Extended Reality solutions can directly contribute to realising these objectives, providing the connectivity and communications needed to underpin them.

Discover our vendors

“ provide solution provisioning services for Globalgig, preconfiguring our devices and kitting them with our SIMs. As well as accelerating our deployment timescales, it ensures that our customers receive a solution which works out of the box. have been a valued distribution partner for Globalgig across both the UK and Europe, and we can highly recommend their partner services which have extended our capabilities seamlessly.”

– Mark Castle, Chief Revenue Officer (EMEA), Globalgig., your Networks & XR distributor offer a range of enterprise, industrial, 5G, FWA, Terragraph, security, camera, and wearable solutions, complemented by our extensive range of partner services. After understanding your requirements we will work with you to introduce a suitable supplier partner, then support you and them through the project lifecycle.

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