Ubiquiti UniFi

Ubiquiti UniFi

Ubiquiti’s UniFi range offers a comprehensive management solution that seamlessly integrates professional networking and security for unmatched control.

Ubiquiti UniFi

Beginning with their UniFi Cloud Gateways, organisations can oversee their WiFi, Switching, Security Cameras, Door Access, and more, through a single pane of glass. Ubiquiti delivers license-free, simple to manage, and secure solutions which enable businesses to rethink their IT.

As a leading Ubiquiti UK and European distributor, Westbase Networks represents the full UniFi range, complemented with our partner support and services that can help to accelerate your opportunities. For more information on UniFi solutions, follow the links provided below to browse the range.

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UniFi Cloud Gateways

UniFi Cloud Gateways are the simplest and most reliable way to kickstart your UniFi deployment. Cloud Gateways seamlessly integrate into your network, functioning as a robust internet gateway with advanced security features, detailed traffic analytics, user-friendly VPN access, and intuitive Policy-Based Routing (PBR) for precise control over data flow.

Additionally, Cloud Gateways serve as the hub for current and future UniFi applications, enabling comprehensive management of WiFi, security, access, switching, and more. Cloud Gateways set a new standard for unified and efficient control.

Ubiquiti UniFi Cloud Gateways

UniFi Cameras & Security

UniFi’s camera range offers simply, scalable security. The range encompasses smart cameras, video recorders, doorbells, and door access devices.

Prioritising privacy, UniFi simplifies the deployment, security, and management of your surveillance infrastructure. Enjoy the ease and efficiency of UniFi in building a secure, scalable surveillance ecosystem tailored to your needs.

UniFi Cameras and Security

UniFi WiFi

UniFi WiFi stands out as the optimal solution for deploying high-performance wireless networks, delivering consistent performance and scalability for both indoor and outdoor WiFi environments. Seamlessly managed through the UniFi Controller Software, UniFi WiFi solutions offer robust control, allowing the efficient management of remote sites through a single, unified software controller.

Designed to meet the needs of both Enterprise and SME organisations, UniFi is the preferred choice for those seeking a unified solution for WiFi and networking.

Ubiquiti UniFi WiFi

UniFi Switching

UniFi switching is ideal for building robust UniFi networks, offering a wide range of both PoE  and non-PoE options, from utility and standard through to enterprise depending on performance requirements. UniFi switches provide seamless remote management through Ubiquiti’s cloud-based UniFi Controller Software, ensuring efficient control and monitoring.

Alternatively, local management is simplified with the UniFi Cloud Key, providing flexibility and ease of use for configuring and overseeing your UniFi network switches.

Ubiquiti UniFi Switching

Partner Support & Services

Browse our partner toolkit to see what support and services could help accelerate your Ubiquiti UniFi opportunities. Choose what you need, leave what you don’t. We work as a true extension of your team.

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