Connecting Marine

Connecting Marine offers marine organisations a comprehensive selection of access and networking, security, camera, and Extended Reality wearable solutions. We assist our partners in choosing the most suitable vendors and products for their customers' applications, combining them with our extensive partner services.

Our primary focus is on providing dependable and scalable connectivity and communications in the marine industry. This support ensures seamless operation for workers, sensors, and systems. Whether it's product selection, installation, management, maintenance, resource allocation, or disposal, we can design and implement a complete lifecycle solution. This allows you to reach further and connect faster with your marine customers.

Use cases

With solutions that can adapt and switch networks as the boat moves,’s 4G and 5G connectivity solutions offer a reliable and scalable option for primary or failover connectivity on vessels. Many options also offer multi WAN, switching seamlessly to a satellite connection if the boat moves out of cellular signal range. Whether it’s connecting operational systems, employee devices, or supporting a crew’s personal streaming and browsing needs, marine organisations can securely connect their vessels.

Safety is crucial for assets and workers on vessels and in ports. Our 5G/LTE and Fixed Wireless Access solutions are perfect for connecting IoT applications like asset tracking and CCTV. They offer flexible, scalable connectivity that reaches almost anywhere. Keeping teams and systems up-to-date with real-time data, our solutions can also facilitate proactive maintenance programmes, helping marine organisations streamline operations. also provide a leading range of security and camera solutions to enhance port safety.

Wireless solutions, like Private 5G, offer a cost-effective option for large and complex areas such as ship yards and ports. They deliver widespread, efficient connectivity, supporting on-site needs, from user devices to IoT applications. provide a range of end points which can bridge the gap between new private cellular infrastructure and existing systems. Additionally, many of our vendors have well-defined roadmaps for private 5G.

Our range of Extended Reality wearable smart glasses are ideal for connecting the frontline in marine. They enable hands-free access to essential data, supporting key functions like remote assistance and digital workflows. Remote support connects crew members with onshore staff, resolving issues without requiring on-vessel visits, reducing downtime and travel costs. Digital workflows offer step-by-step instructions for tasks, hands-free, ensuring accurate completion, and supporting data collection through photos or videos, boosting productivity and compliance.

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Customer Success

We’ve helped to connect 1000s of vehicles both at sea and on-the-road. Check out how we did it and what they achieved by reading some of our case studies:

Svitzer Tug Boats

A robust and reliable high speed connectivity solution was delivered to enable Svitzer to manage 430 vessels from a central location.

Svitzer Case Study 800X800 (1)

“We needed something which provided us with stable and reliable connectivity across the globe […] Today we are better synchronised as an organisation, with vastly improved connectivity and better communications with our vessels.”

Khurram Inam, Svitzer’s Regional IT Manager for Europe.

Connecting Marine

Partner with for Your Marine Opportunities offer a range of solutions and services ideal for supporting your marine customer requirements. From specialised antennas and ruggedised routing platforms, to a flexible partner toolkit of services covering the whole project lifecycle. We make it easy to add new propositions and capabilities that complement your own, working as a true extension of your team.

We can help you to find, address and win connected marine opportunities. To explore the range of use cases we can assist with, or any other connectivity and communications requirement, just speak to our team today to set up a 121 consultation or hit the button below to request a partner account:

Marine Ecosystem

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