Westbase Networks Applications

Westbase Networks Applications

Leading 4G/5G and IoT solutions, supporting a range of applications

4G/5G for In-Vehicle Networking

Our 4G/5G in-vehicle networking solutions have connected vehicles across multiple industries – from emergency services and utilities, to roadside assistance and shipping.

4G/5G for Home and Remote Working

Our 4G/5G solutions have helped to connect 1000s of locations and people wherever their work takes them, supporting organisations to empower their remote working teams.

4G/5G for Failover

Our 4G/5G failover solutions have helped to support many 1000s of locations across multiple industries in reducing their downtime costs.

4G/5G for Internet of Things

Proven in the most demanding environments, our enterprise-grade solutions enable you to connect your high value IoT assets simply and securely wherever they are.

4G/5G for Rapid Deployment

Fixed line installation can take months, and public WiFi can be insecure. A 4G/5G rapid deployment solution can deliver instant, secure and reliable connectivity to any location at any time.

4G/5G Primary Connectivity

Our 4G/5G primary connectivity solutions can be easily deployed to any location, at any time, keeping you protected and enabled to manage your networks.

Industrial Connectivity

The ability to use 4G/5G to connect equipment using to central controlling applications or a remote operator is important to running a cost-effective industrial operation.

Not all connections are created equal

To create a quality connection, think like an architect, not a builder. To understand not just the connections, but the reason they exist

To zoom out before plugging in. At Westbase.io, this is what we do.