Westbase.io Corporate Social Responsibility

Westbase.io Corporate Social Responsibility

By committing to the small things, we believe we can make big changes. So we prioritise the achievable while always looking for new ways to make a difference.

We provide a safe and positive environment for our employees to work in. As well as offering a wealth of benefits that enhance their experience with us, our management team commits the time and attention to them that they require to thrive. We believe in making sure our employees are happy, as everything starts and ends with them.

We also commit time and budget to staff development – be this through formal training, internal training, manufacturer-provided training, one-to-one coaching, or mentoring. Development is important to us as it leads to a motivated, engaged and proficient workforce

Westbase.io considers our customers, employees, suppliers and other business contacts alike to be part of our corporate community. As such we treat each and every one of these with the respect, consideration, honesty and partnerships that they deserve. We believe in promoting positive relationships throughout our community, which is why we offer a range of partner benefits.

We also care for our wider community, regularly donating to various charities and causes throughout the year, encouraging our team to get involved where possible.

Westbase.io operates several simple green programmes which enable our team to do our bit for the environment:

“Think before you print” – All employees are asked not to print any unnecessary paperwork and, where possible, we also encourage this with our customers by providing electronic documentation over paper-based.

“Shut it down” – Computers, lighting and machinery are properly shut down at the end of each day, reducing the use of unnecessary power over night. We also ensure that lighting in vacant rooms and any equipment not in use is shut down.

“Recycle it” – Westbase.io provides recycling facilities for all plastics, tins and papers and enforces a recycling policy with all employees.

In addition to these, the Westbase.io office itself is being made more energy efficient with the aim of eventually offsetting our carbon footprint by employing more green technologies amongst other things.