Digi UK & European Distributor

Digi UK & European Distributor

Digi provides IoT solutions for demanding environments like smart cities and industrial settings. Their offerings include 5G and LTE routers and endpoints as well as infrastructure management solutions. Digi’s technology is reliable, secure, scalable, and manageable.

As a leading Digi distributor, Westbase.io offers a wide range of solutions including industrial and transportation routers, endpoints and more.

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Digi provides rugged industrial routers that offer reliable network connectivity and remote management tools for heavy-duty applications like precision farming, oil fields, industrial tanks, water treatment, and construction. Their enterprise cellular extenders ensure secure and reliable connectivity in business environments. Additionally, Digi’s purpose-built routers for the transportation industry cater to multiple requirements, including onboard routing, GPS, security, and passenger WiFi.

In critical environments ranging from vast oil fields to bustling cities, intensive care units, and factory floors, Westbase.io offers the expertise to implement Digi’s proven technology and help you to connect complex networks.

Digi offers a comprehensive packaged solution with their hardware, which includes Digi Remote Manager for remote device management, 24/7/365 technical support, and a 5-year warranty.

As a leading Digi UK and European Distributor, Westbase.io represents Digi’s broad solutions portfolio, complemented with our partner support and services that can help to accelerate your opportunities. Designed to be flexible and dedicated to channel, our service catalogue includes options through from Digi product, install and manage, to maintenance, resource and disposal. We work as a true extension of your team to make your Digi deployments successful.

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Browse our partner toolkit to see what support and services could help accelerate your Digi opportunities. Choose what you need, leave what you don’t. We work as a true extension of your team.

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