4G/5G In-Vehicle Networking

Our 4G/5G in-vehicle networking solutions have connected many 1000s of vehicles across multiple industries – from emergency services and utilities, to roadside assistance and shipping. Proven in the toughest environments and the most remote locations, our enterprise-grade solutions scale easily, allowing organisations to extend corporate policies right to the network edge, and ultimately help your field teams to work unhindered by connectivity issues.

Customer success

We’ve helped to connect 1000s of vehicles across many industries. Check out how we did it and what they achieved by reading some of our case studies:

Svitzer Global Fleet

A robust and reliable high speed connectivity delivered that enabled Svitzer to manage 430 vessels from a central location.

Svitzer Case Study 800X800

Westbase Networks 4G/5G for in-vehicle solutions support these connected worker use cases...

To deliver reliable connectivity for your field teams’ devices. Using this, they can securely access and update central databases with the latest information, allowing them to focus on their primary responsibilities instead of “paperwork”. Central teams also have an up-to-date view of what’s going on in the field, allowing them to dynamically distribute resources if and when circumstances change.

For real-time analysis and support of your fleet. Built-in GPS/GNSS and OBD-II integration enables simplified data retrieval, while flexible API integration allows this information to be easily fed into your chosen systems.

To improve the security of your team and assets. Our solutions enable elective retrieval of footage in real-time so that your central support teams can pull footage remotely when required in a timely manner.

Ensures that the right equipment is functional and available when it is needed. Using the 4G/5G in-vehicle solution, you can track when an item is removed and if it has been returned. For shipping, this can also extend to tracking containers.

Is enabled by providing the reliable, secure connectivity necessary to connect to, and confer with, central systems. Some examples of this are ANPR systems for police vehicles and temperature monitoring systems for cold chain logistics.

Can also be connected for passenger transportation companies, keeping your services compliant and online wherever your fleet journeys. Our solutions are PCI compliant.

Solutions require content updates; our 4G/5G in-vehicle networking solution can easily allow these to be completed remotely so that vehicles don’t have to be returned to the depot.

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“We needed something which provided us with stable and reliable connectivity across the globe […] Today we are better synchronised as an organisation, with vastly improved connectivity and better communications with our vessels.”

Khurram Inam, Svitzer’s Regional IT Manager for Europe.

Not all connections are created equal

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To zoom out before plugging in. At Westbase.io, this is what we do.