4G/5G Home and Remote Working Connectivity

4G/5G Home and Remote Working Connectivity

Our 4G/5G solutions have helped to connect 1000s of locations and people wherever their work takes them, supporting organisations across varying industries to empower their remote working teams with the best possible connectivity experience. Cloud management enables central IT teams to ship the equipment direct to the employee, who can then power on and connect instantly – keeping deployment costs low and simplifying remote management of the solution.

Customer success

We’ve helped to provide remote working connectivity to many organisations, across many industries. Check out some of our related case studies:

High Speed WiFi for Aer Lingus

4G LTE high-speed mobile WiFi solution delivered for Aer Lingus’ high-profile aircraft hangar event.

Aer Lingus Case Study 800X800

Westbase Networks 4G/5G solutions support these connected use cases...

If you want to ensure that your team can access reliable, secure connectivity, which complies with your corporate policies, then our flexible 4G/5G home working options are ideal as they’re simple to deploy and use.

For some, their office is wherever their work takes them. Whether your remote workers are on customer sites, at events, or even catching up on things from a service station, our 4G/5G remote working solutions ensure that they can access connectivity where and when they need it.

Also known as “pop-up” working, temporary locations such as emergency clinics and quarantine centres, or simply just pop-up retail and hospitality stores, all require connectivity to function effectively. Establishing a secure, managed network to support your team and services, our 4G/5G solutions can be deployed wherever you need them to be.

Companies opening new locations may have to wait months for a fixed-line service, but by using a Westbase Networks 4G/5G home and remote working solution they can access instant connectivity that is fast and reliable so that your new locations can open their doors as soon as possible.

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Our partner support and services are at the heart of our business, so that we can help you to find, address and win 4G/5G connected opportunities. Speak to our team today by calling +44 (0) 1291 436 567, +31 (0) 35 799 2290, hello@westbase.io, or use our website contact form.

“It’s always a pleasure to talk with Westbase.io guys; they are easy to reach by phone or email, questions get answered and problems get solved. They have a problem-solving attitude and they really want to help us to find a working solution. They understand both the business and technology side of things.”

– Mikko Kiertonen, Sales Director for NDC Networks Oy.

Not all connections are created equal

To create a quality connection, think like an architect, not a builder. To understand not just the connections, but the reason they exist.

To zoom out before plugging in. At Westbase.io, this is what we do.