Ubiquiti UISP

Ubiquiti UISP

The UISP range empowers service providers by providing you with the capabilities to not only establish, but also efficiently oversee and manage robust wireless networks tailored to the unique needs and preferences of your customers.

Ubiquiti UISP

The UISP products encompass 60 GHz, Wireless, Fiber and Wired offerings, providing high-speed connectivity for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint applications. Ubiquiti delivers license-free, simple to manage, and secure solutions which enable businesses to rethink their IT.

As a leading Ubiquiti UK and European distributor, Westbase Networks represents the full UISP range, complemented with our partner support and services that can help to accelerate your opportunities. For more information on UISP solutions, follow the links provided below to browse the range.

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UISP Design Center

The UISP Design Center offers automated recommendations for compatible devices, aligning with your priorities, be it optimal performance, cost efficiency, or a balance of both. Just mark your desired deployment locations on the map, and the platform will generate a materials list to expedite the setup of your hardware and establish connections swiftly.

60 GHz Wireless

The 60GHz range comprises three designs: BaseStation (PtMP) seamlessly scales multigigabit ISP offerings, Client (PtMP) provides plug-and-play 60GHz solutions, and Bridge (PtP) delivers incredible, future-proof 60GHz bridging performance.


The Wireless range consists of six designs: BaseStation (PtMP), setting the global standard for wireless ISPs; Client (PtMP), a cost-efficient and powerful option; Performance Client (PtMP), ruggedly designed for long-distance performance; Compact Client (PtMP), offering plug-and-play outdoor wireless functionality; Bridge (PtP), specially designed for low-latency performance; and Antennas, maximising coverage and signal strength.


In the Fiber range, BaseStation boasts fast fibre technology and incredible UISP software management, whilst Client offers a plug-and-play fibre subscriber kit for streamlined connectivity.


In the Wired range, the UISP Console serves as a powerful ISP gateway with local UISP application hosting, while UISP Routing and UISP Switching are designed for straightforward installation and management. Additionally, EdgeMax Routing and EdgeMax Switching bring advanced features powered by EdgeMax software for enhanced functionality in wired network configurations.

Partner Support & Services

Browse our partner toolkit to see what support and services could help accelerate your Ubiquiti UISP opportunities. Choose what you need, leave what you don’t. We work as a true extension of your team.

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