4G/5G for Retail, Banking and Branch

4G/5G for Retail, Banking and Branch

4G/5G for retail, banking and branch provides an answer. Ideal for multiple applications, Westbase Networks’ 4G/5G solutions have helped to connect many 1000s of locations and assets. Providing both primary and failover networking, we can help to keep all branches online and protected while enabling their latest technologies.

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We’ve helped to connect 1000s of retail, banking and branch locations and assets. Check out how we did it and what they achieved by reading some of our case studies

Remote Networking for Doddle

Find out how Westbase Networks and Cradlepoint delivered a remote networking solution that is quick to deploy, small on space.

Westbase Networks 4G/5G for retail, banking and branch solutions support these use cases...

Ensures your critical systems, such as PoS and ATMs, are kept online when you have issues with your primary network. Seamlessly integrating with existing infrastructure, our 4G/5G solutions for retail, banking and branch can be deployed quickly and easily.They are also PCI compliant, keeping you protected during an outage. Our solutions even feature out-of-band management which allows your central teams to troubleshoot the primary router via the cellular connection to try and restore it.

Such as connected signage, kiosks, vending machines, ATMs, CCTV and so on are becoming increasingly popular in retail, banking and branch locations but can be difficult to connect. Often managed by third parties, cellular can provide a simple solution which enables you to connect them without needing to use the store’s primary network. Even if managed centrally, connecting all of these additional applications on the primary network can cause other security risks, and so employing a separate,parallel network

Are under increasing strain, as traffic across them rises consistently. To help with this, our 4G/5G retail, banking and branch solutions can work with your existing wired infrastructure to deliver high availability networking. Our solutions can converge the two, enabling load balancing and burst bandwidth so that your store networks don’t get overloaded during peak periods

For retail and hospitality companies are becoming more common as they allow access to new customers, but with certain services still expected – such as Point of Sale – connectivity is key to their success. Often hosted in unusual spots, such as shopping centres or outdoor events, secure connectivity isn’t normally readily available. With a 4G/5G retail solution however, you can create a pop-up network for your pop-up location – providing secure connectivity which your central IT teams can manage, wherever you need it.

Is essential for banking organisations as they expand their network of Cashpoints to bring their financial services closer to more people. Establishing new Cashpoint sites can be challenging though; third party locations may not have connectivity readily available, or use of the existing network may not be possible due to security concerns. By using our 4G/5G for banking solutions to connect remote ATM locations though, they can be quickly connected as part of their standard installation, and then remotely monitored and managed by central teams – keeping network and ATM control all within your own network.

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“The cloud management capability is a big support to our team, allowing them to remotely provision hundreds of devices around the country, and isolate and address any issues without having to go into the field. If we have to validate and switch a connection from wired to mobile, it’s easily done.”

– Gary O’Connor, CTO at Doddle.

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