Westbase Networks Case Studies

Westbase Networks Case Studies

Browse our case studies to see our 4G/5G, IoT and assisted reality solutions in action.

Proximus Electric Motorcycle Recognises Obstacles on the Road Thanks to 5G

Westbase.io and Sierra Wireless partner, Proximus, in collaboration with Saroléa and ML6, has successfully tested a new 5G application that could eventually contribute to safer traffic.

Norfolk Fire and Rescue Deploys ESN-Ready Connectivity Solution

Norfolk Fire and Rescue wanted to deploy an ESN-ready Mobile Data Terminal solution across its fleet of 66 vehicles.

Connecting South Wales Police On the Road

Westbase.io provided in-vehicle connectivity solution which would be reliable, even in the most remote locations.

Mission-Critical Connectivity for Svitzer’s Global Fleet

A robust and reliable high speed connectivity delivered that enabled Svitzer to manage 430 vessels from a central location.

Connected Cars for Hertfordshire Constabulary

Find out how Westbase.io and our partners enabled Hertfordshire Constabulary to get connected on the road.

Making Remote Networking a “Doddle” for Doddle

Find out how Westbase and Cradlepoint delivered a remote networking solution that is quick to deploy, small on space.

Bringing Remote Sites Within Reach for Electra Networks

Find out how Westbase.io connected Electra Network’s power monitoring solution for remote sites.

Connected BEMS for Trend Controls: Providing the Bigger Picture

Westbase.io and Trend Controls partnered to create a connected BEMS solution that enables remote management.

Connected Signage for Pixel Inspiration

Mobile networking solution delivered in order to connect Pixel Inspiration’s digital signage solutions and enable remote management and monitoring of the systems.

Building Connections with UK Connect

Read our UK Connect partner case study to see how they are using 3G/4G connectivity for construction, to get customer sites online from day one.

Bringing London’s River Bus Payments Up to Speed

Transport for London worked with Westbase.io to implement a reliable, contactless payment system for London’s River Bus.

Money Mart Wireless Backup Keeps Money Moving

Wireless failover solution delivered for Money Mart to ensure always on and reliable network connectivity.

Pandora Jewellery Store Opens with 4G Day-One Connectivity

Westbase.io and Cradlepoint partnered to deliver a 4G day-one connectivity solution for Pandora’s new store opening.

United Energy Pakistan Centrally Monitors Remote Facilities

Deploying wireless monitoring solutions for United Energy utility sites and production facilities.

SUI Southern Gas Company Remotely Monitors Critical Installations

A wireless solution specifically designed to handle complex mobile data and remote asset management.

Modernised Network Infrastructure Using 4G LTE Failover for David’s Bridal

David’s Bridal wanted to modernise and future-proof their network infrastructure, using 4G technology.

Veoila Water STI Offers Unparalled Water Quality Monitoring

An effective IoT solution delivered for Veolia Water’s ultrapure water production equipment monitoring.

Schneider Electric Develop Remote Monitoring of Charging Terminals

Rapid deployment of remotely managed and controlled electric vehicle charging terminals for Schneider Electric.

Cellular to High-Speed WiFi for Aer Lingus

High-speed mobile WiFi solution delivered for Aer Lingus’ high-profile aircraft hangar event.

Not all connections are created equal

To create a quality connection, think like an architect, not a builder.

To understand not just the connections, but the reason they exist.

To zoom out before plugging in.

At Westbase.io, this is what we do.