Electra Networks: Bringing Remote Sites within Reach

Electra Networks was formed with the goal of delivering high quality, cost effective and imaginative IT and telecommunication solutions; and with successful products and services spanning multiple applications and markets, the company has become a leading systems integration specialist in this sector.

Read on to find out how Westbase.io connected Electra Network’s power monitoring solution for remote sites, or download your full copy now.

As some of Electra Networks’ largest clients have widespread locations, many of which are remote and unmanned, they required a solution that would enable them to monitor sites remotely. Engineer visits can be both costly and resource hungry and waiting for a physical site check may also result in a significant delay between power outage happening and its impact being resolved.

Westbase.io provided the Sierra Wireless AirLink LS300 for:

  • Persistent and reliable cellular connectivity
  • Secure VPN capabilities
  • Remote troubleshooting
  • Customised alerting and actions through AAF
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Easy and rapid deployment of the solution
  • The Electra Networks solution removes the need for engineer site visits to check or cycle power, reducing operational costs
  • Decreased time to resolution by enabling remote troubleshooting when there is a problem, either power or network based
  • Reduced time spent on power issues means optimised engineer time
  • Increased efficiency as the new solution ensures the correct engineer skill set is deployed
  • Potential to expand the solution to other industry applications

“Being able to decrease the time to resolution for power issues at remote sites through the PM3000 has dramatically improved operational efficiency for our clients. The reliable connectivity of the Sierra Wireless AirLink LS300 has been critical to its success, and the efficient distribution by Westbase.io has allowed our timescales to be met without a hitch.”

– Ian Brotherston, Electra Network’s Managing Director.

Download the Full Case Study

Find out how Westbase.io connected Electra Network’s power monitoring solution for remote sites.