3G/4G for Pop-Up Networking

3G/4G pop-up networking provides an instant, reliable and secure solution to connect temporary locations with ease – perfect for events, pop-up shops or restaurants, emergency centres for public services, mobile health trailers and more.

Many businesses today need to set up in temporary locations for a variety of reasons, and as the need for connectivity to complete even basic business processes has increased in recent years, pop-up networking has become essential. By leveraging readily-available mobile networks however, connectivity over 4G LTE can be delivered rapidly to any location, at any time, delivering to this exact requirement with ease.


Connecting anywhere, anytime.

From retailers and restauranteurs setting up pop-up locations to reach new audiences, to mobile public services such as health trailers, most organisations today need to be able to connect temporary sites with ease.

In many temporary locations however, there is no connectivity available at all, or even where a third party connection is an option it can often be deemed insecure for transacting sensitive data, such as Point of Sale or personal records. Third party connections are often shared as well, and so performance cannot be guaranteed for critical operations. This means that organisations need to be able to bring their own network to their location.


Rapid and simple installation.

Pop-up locations can vary from pre-planned promotional activities such as events, to emergency deployments such as command centres – either way though, time is always of the essence. When only on site for a limited time, the deployment of the network needs to be time-efficient.

4G LTE addresses this requirement easily as the cellular network is ready to be connected to at any given time, from any location – pervasive in its very nature. By selecting an enterprise-grade, cloud-managed solution as well, companies can even achieve plug and play connectivity without the need for network engineers to travel to site, as the solution can be configured remotely over-the-air by the centrally-located IT team.


Fast, reliable and secure.

With the widespread availability of 4G LTE, cellular networks are now able to offer the same speeds and bandwidth as fixed line solutions – perfect for connecting even advanced applications at temporary sites.

By selecting a cloud-managed 4G LTE solution, central IT teams can also remotely monitor the pop-up network, as well as troubleshoot it if something goes wrong – ensuring a reliable network experience where downtime can be solved quickly and cost-effectively, without the need for truck rolls.

An enterprise-grade solution also enables corporate security policies to be extended to the pop-up network, and cloud-management means these can be updated whenever required as they can simply be pushed out over-the-air. These two factors combined means that network administrators can easily protect their network edge and the data transmitted between it and the core network.


Built-in resilience using wireless-to-wireless failover.

Many of our 4G LTE networking solutions incorporate dual modem options to provide increased resilience by enabling wireless-to-wireless failover if the primary network becomes disconnected for any reason.

This ensures uptime and further improves the pop-up network’s resilience.


Intelligent load-balancing and burst bandwidth.

As well as adding resilience, dual modem 4G LTE solutions can be used to intelligently manage traffic by load balancing it across multiple networks – improving overall network performance. It can also be configured to only use the second network during high traffic periods, providing burst bandwidth as and when it’s required.

This is important in pop-up locations as it means extensive applications can be connected over a single solution, unifying communication requirements.


True scalability and flexibility.

A 4G LTE networking solution can be installed in tens and hundreds of temporary sites as easily as one, and offers almost unlimited scalability – growing as you need it to.

Offering maximum flexibility, solutions can be re-located to new sites as required and re-used time and time again. When using a cloud-managed option, no field engineering time is required either. The solution can simply be shipped to the new location, plugged in and it will connect automatically to the network – central IT teams can then remotely adjust its configuration as required and ensure it is working as it should be.


There are many use cases today for pop-up networks which can be easily and quickly deployed for any number of situations, and a 4G LTE solution delivers the perfect answer to this demand.



pop-up networking for eventsChallenges Facing Pop-Up Networking


Connectivity is a key requirement for today’s businesses, but isn’t always readily available in temporary locations

Multiple applications may need to be connected, and data needs to be transacted securely

Locations need to be connected quickly, and often with little notice

Simple installation is essential to reducing time to deployment and ensuring a smooth roll-out





4G LTE for pop-up networkingThe Added Benefits of Using Cellular for Pop-Up Networking


Connects virtually anywhere – perfect for geographically-diverse temporary locations

No extended lead times; deploy within days instead of weeks and months

4G LTE can connect even the most advanced applications, perfect for connecting all site requirements

Cloud-managed for simple installation and remote management of the entire network

Advanced security features and updates keeps the network edge secure

Range of hardware options to suit requirements and budget

Dual-modem options



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