3G/4G for In-Vehicle Networking

3G/4G in-vehicle networking provides an instant, reliable and secure solution that connects fleets on-the-road, enabling the latest transport applications to maximise fleet efficiency and improve customer service.


Transport technology has rapidly developed over the past decade, and mobile connectivity has played a large role in this. Fleets now require reliable and super-fast Internet connectivity to keep up with these latest innovations which enable improved productivity, fleet management and extended services for customers and employees alike.


Flexible, scalable, go anywhere connectivity

Whatever the end application, on-the-road connectivity is a necessity for most enterprises in today’s expanding business world. Freights need to be able to monitor their loads more effectively, field teams and emergency service fleets need to remotely access central systems, and public and private transportation organisations want to enhance their passenger experience, while also making their services as efficient as possible.

A cellular networking solution can answer all of these requirements and more – providing a go anywhere, use anytime connection which extends the enterprise network to the road. Watch our in-vehicle networking video now to find out what it can support and how some organisations are already using it:




Delivering a secure, enterprise-grade network

Security is a number one priority for today’s IT teams and sitting at the edge of the network in-vehicle connections can be highly vulnerable to attack. This means that while consumer options, such as cellular USB dongles, have been employed in the past, the best-in-class solution to securely extend an organisation’s network to its fleet is an enterprise-grade router or gateway.

Westbase.io’s transport solutions have extensive security features such as Unified Threat Management; content filtering; multiple security architectures; and are PCI compliant, making it possible for enterprises to simply extend their corporate policies to the road – keeping their connectivity solutions compliant and secure.

Full enterprise application support

As well as offering enterprise-grade security, 3G/4G networking provides a solution which offers reliable, superfast connectivity that can support a myriad of applications to suit all on-the-road requirements, including:

  • Vehicle WiFi hotspots
  • Access to centralised systems from the road
  • CCTV monitoring and management
  • Mobile asset tracking
  • Fleet telematics and real-time information
  • Cold chain monitoring
  • Digital signage
  • Electronic and mobile ticketing, plus Point of Sale



Simplified management

A challenge to on-the-road connectivity is maintaining the geographically-distributed network without vehicles having to return to the main depot or head office location for troubleshooting if something goes wrong – or likewise central IT teams having to deploy costly truck rolls to local depot locations.

Westbase.io 3G/4G networking solutions for transportation are cloud-managed, providing central teams with visibility of the entire vehicle network. Using the cloud management platform network administrators can easily manage, monitor and update each device; if one goes down it can be troubleshot and diagnosed remotely to assist in getting it back online as quickly as possible. It also means that firmware updates can be delivered remotely, keeping the hardware up-to-date and secure.

Cloud management also enables teams to monitor data usage, set geofencing rules, track location, and more – meaning the solution can be fully managed from any location.


Rapidly deployed for instant benefits

Unlike other in-motion solutions, 3G/4G networking has a short lead time and easily integrates with your existing network infrastructure for a simplified connection process. This means it can be rapidly deployed for instant enterprise-wide benefits.

Westbase.io carries a range of router and gateway devices which have been specifically built for in-vehicle applications, meaning even the physical install into the vehicle can be achieved quickly and easily.


Built-in failover

Advanced 3G/4G solutions feature dual SIM capabilities, meaning resilience is inherent to the device. For example, should the primary network operator’s service become unavailable due to poor signal in certain areas, the device can instantly failover to the secondary SIM’s network – keeping the vehicle and its passengers online. Some solutions can also be extended to a dual modem option, increasing SIM numbers to 4 in total and increasing resilience, as well as enabling load balancing between multiple networks for increased bandwidth.


Optimised cellular signal

Many leading tablet and laptop manufacturers today build internal modems into their computing solutions, and while this can be very effective for connecting the device to the Internet, it too has its limitations. Internal modems have small, internal antennas and therefore they cannot achieve a high quality signal on an on-going basis. This can lead to limited or slow connectivity, which affects field team productivity and customer service.

An enterprise 4G LTE gateway or router solution however uses an external antenna which can be selected and then positioned to achieve the optimum signal. Westbase.io carry a wide range of vehicular antennas and we can help you to identify the right product based on your application.



3G/4G for in-vehicle connectivityThe Importance of On-the-Road Connectivity


Improve employee productivity and streamline work processes

Improve fleet monitoring and tracking to optimise customer service and improve internal processes

Provide connectivity services needed by employees and expected by customers

Implement new transport technologies with ease





cellular connectivity for vehiclesThe Benefits of Using Cellular for In-Vehicle Networking


No extended lead times; deploy within days instead of weeks and months

Simple installation for plug and play connectivity services

Supports all necessary applications and extends the corporate network securely

Connect virtually anywhere

Cloud-managed for simplified remote monitoring and management

Can feature built-in failover for even higher availability



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