3G/4G for Failover and Out-Of-Band

3G/4G failover and out-of-band management connectivity provides an instant, reliable and secure solution that not only keeps businesses online when their primary network fails, but also enables remote, out-of-band, troubleshooting to help restore the primary network.

The proliferation of cloud applications and centralised systems means that the cost of connectivity downtime grows every day. For distributed enterprises with hundreds or thousands of site and branch locations, a highly resilient network is essential to proactively avoiding unplanned network disruptions.


Protecting uptime is a primary focus for IT teams.

If and when a piece of equipment or the network goes down the IT team is responsible not only for the lost productivity and revenue associated with connectivity issues but, more importantly, for solving the problem and restoring the network.

Yet in many distributed enterprises which have centralised IT resources, the team often doesn’t have the network visibility they need to identify issues with remote routers and equipment.


Network administrators have long faced the challenge of managing distributed enterprise networks effectively and cost efficiently – yet many still struggle to do so.

Legacy options, such as telephone support to local staff and truck rolls, are financially costly and time-expensive. Expecting on-site staff to be the eyes and ears for central teams, and run diagnostics that they may not be familiar with, can cause delays in troubleshooting and prolongs the time to full network restoration. In some cases as well there may not be local staff available – for example, remote locations such as monitoring stations. Sending technicians to site to repair or replace the equipment results in large financial costs and delays restoration as well.


Out-Of-Band Management; the difference between network success or failure.

A secure, reliable means for accessing the network out-of-band is therefore crucial to successfully managing a distributed network remotely. An out-of-band management  solution provides the visibility that a central team needs to be able to troubleshoot remote equipment issues, even when the primary connection fails, and get the network back online.

Traditional out-of-band solutions which use services such as ISDN (integrated services digital network) or POTS (plain old telephone service) to access remote devices is fast becoming defunct though, as these technologies become legacy products. They often rely on the same infrastructure as the primary fixed line connection as well, so if this goes down they most likely will too – and even if they don’t, their connection speed is too slow to provide a viable failover solution that can support today’s businesses that rely on cloud-based systems. Wired connectivity is also unsuitable for more remote locations which require a more advanced out-of-band solution.


LTE for failover and out-of-band Management provides the answer.

A cellular networking solution can provide secure, reliable failover connectivity when the primary connection fails, delivering an uninterrupted service. In addition to this, the solution can enable central IT resources to remotely troubleshoot the service-affecting routing device using out-of-band management – regardless of how remote its location may be.

The solution addresses both the issue of extended downtime and the inefficiencies associated with historical approaches to distributed network management. Providing the speed needed to continue seamless working, 3G/4G networking keeps locations connected and secure while teams work remotely to restore the primary network.


How it works

Westbase.io provide a wide range of 3G/4G routers which enable simplified convergence of wired and wireless networks at the edge to deliver a seamless failover solution.

Remotely managed using cloud applications, our solutions are perfect for distributed enterprises with central IT resources – enabling the team to configure, manage and troubleshoot the whole estate remotely.

These devices can connect directly to the console port of the primary router, extending the remote management capabilities to it and therefore enabling simple, but powerful, out-of-band management. A Westbase.io 3G/4G networking solution also removes the need for static IP addresses for out-of-band – meaning you can remotely access the primary router from any location and with no configuration necessary, delivering plug and play failover and out-of-band capabilities.



LTE in retailUsing 3G/4G to maximise business continuity


Minimises disruption and downtime by delivering a reliable business continuity solution

Prevents loss of revenue and brand damage, amongst other critical impacts of downtime

Can be deployed rapidly for an almost instant solution






construction2 The added benefits of a cellular failover and OOBM solution


Saves time by enabling immediate troubleshooting by a trained, IT professional regardless of location

Reduces the need for truck rolls and on-site technical staff

Reduces replacement equipment costs by enabling remote repairs

Removes expense of a dedicated out-of-band modem and POTS line

No static IP required – access anywhere with no configuration required




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