Extended Reality (XR) in Automotive

Extended Reality (XR) in Automotive

Westbase XR provides a range of Extended Reality (XR) solutions for use in automotive organisations, including hardware, software and services.

Remaining competitive and ensuring customer satisfaction is essential for automotive manufacturers. With increasingly advanced vehicles though, factories and dealerships alike rely heavily on expert individuals to assist successful processes, and this can lengthen maintenance and production times. Extended Reality (XR) can help to improve efficiency and reduce downtime though, by equipping all frontline workers with the information and support they need.

Westbase XR supports you, our partner, and your automotive customers through design, build and management – delivering an end-to-end approach and blueprint for a successful deployment.


Extended Reality (XR) in automotive can support...

If and when automotive production is halted due to an issue, downtime and its associated costs can quickly escalate if the on-site technicians don’t know how to resolve it. This is especially true when the expert needed may be in a different county or even country, and can’t get to the factory quickly.

Using XR two-way video calling though, frontline workers can share what they are seeing and hearing with a remote expert. Using this, the expert can troubleshoot the problem and guide the worker through how to resolve the issue, dramatically reducing downtime.

Field technicians in the automotive industry are geographically dispersed, and require support from product quality engineers (PQEs) to be able to stay up-to-date with the latest maintenance and repair processes.

Extended Reality can support this by digitising workflows and supporting documentation, such as training videos and manuals, so that frontline workers can always access the latest information they need. Additionally, XR can be used to virtually connect workers with remote PQEs when they run into an issue they can’t resolve. And because the PQE doesn’t physically have to be present, it means they can support more frontline workers at one time.

As vehicles advance, standard repairs and servicing can take longer to complete. In addition, customers are looking for better engagement during these processes.

XR can help dealerships to increase efficiency and customer visibility, to help deliver a high standard of service. Remote collaboration with specialists can be achieved easily, connecting frontline workers in dealerships with experts anywhere in the world to quickly and effectively tackle issues they are unfamiliar with. The same video conferencing can also be used to connect with customers, either recording or live streaming parts of the process, so they can see exactly what the repair or service is delivering for them.

Following correct processes, while capturing the right information and evidence, is key to maintaining compliance and accuracy in both automotive production and after-sales care.

Extended Reality can digitise workflows to ensure frontline workers follow every step correctly, while easily documenting what they have completed. Guiding workers through processes in this way enables them to work more efficiently and accurately, while ensuring compliance isn’t skipped.

Why Westbase XR?

Westbase XR has over thirty years’ experience supporting distributed enterprise – XR may be a new technology but supporting frontline and remote workers is not new to us. Westbase XR gives you access to:

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– Our extensive technology and industry understanding

– Partner services designed to support you where you need it, so you can focus on what you do best

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