Extended Reality (XR) in Utilities and Energy

Extended Reality (XR) in Utilities and Energy

Westbase XR provides a range of hands-free wearable solutions, services and support for the utilities and energy industry.

Extended Reality (XR) is helping utility and energy organisations to accelerate training programmes, increase productivity, and improve safety. Using XR, frontline workers can access digital workflows, remote experts, machine data and a wealth of support documentation that enables them to complete their work faster and right first time. All while maintaining health and safety requirements, keeping themselves and others safe.

Westbase XR supports you, our partner, and your utility and energy customers through design, build and management – delivering an end-to-end approach and blueprint for a successful deployment.

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Extended Reality (XR) in utilities and energy can support…

Bringing new employees up to speed quickly and safely is a constant challenge for utility and energy organisations. Hands-on learning is necessary, but putting trainees straight into live situations comes with risk.

By leveraging Extended Reality though, organisations can de-risk this and accelerate their programmes. Whether using Augmented or Virtual Reality to create immersive training experiences, or Assisted Reality to provide practical support in the field, XR offers many possibilities.

Reducing the number of visits and engineers needed to fix a single issue is essential to utility and energy companies increasing productivity and reducing impact.

Extended Reality can make this goal a reality by enabling frontline workers to easily connect to workflows, remote experts and documentation such as training videos or manuals. Equipping every engineer with the knowledge and guidance they need for nearly any scenario means they can fix the issue first time around, increasing productivity.

Ensuring the right information and evidence is captured, and processes followed, is key to maintaining compliance and safety across the workforce in utility and energy companies.

XR digitises workflows to ensure workers follow every step correctly while easily documenting what they have completed. With the ability to do this hands-free while wearing any required PPE, XR for industry also ensures that health and safety isn’t compromised.

In addition to improving fix rate and compliance, Extended Reality can help to reduce unnecessary travel for utility and energy employees. By connecting remote experts to the frontline digitally, they no longer need to travel to provide in-person support or training.

Senior or specialist engineers can see, hear and then guide frontline workers through tasks, allowing them to support more people without travelling – reducing the associated financial and carbon footprint impact.

Why Westbase XR?

Westbase XR has over thirty years’ experience supporting distributed enterprise – XR may be a new technology but supporting frontline and remote workers is not new to us. Westbase XR gives you access to:

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– Our extensive technology and industry understanding

– Partner services designed to support you where you need it, so you can focus on what you do best

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