Extended Reality (XR) in Oil and Gas

Extended Reality (XR) in Oil and Gas

Westbase XR provides a range of Extended Reality (XR) solutions for use in oil and gas organisations, including hardware, software and services.

Oil and Gas organisations have accelerated their technology adoption in recent years and Extended Reality (XR) has been a key component in digital transformation efforts. Using XR, oil and gas companies are finding better ways to communicate, educate and operate within their workforce. This is enabling them to improve safety, avoid downtime, accelerate knowledge transfer, and reduce their carbon footprint.

Westbase XR supports you, our partner, and your oil and gas customers through design, build and management – delivering an end-to-end approach and blueprint for a successful deployment.

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Extended Reality (XR) in oil and gas can support...

Using oil and gas equipment can be dangerous and requires specialist knowledge. Hands-on experience is key to the learning process, but putting trainees or even junior team members into live situations comes with risk.

XR can help oil and gas companies to tackle this challenge; Augmented or Virtual Reality can create immersive training experiences which allow new employees to learn in a safe way, while Assisted Reality can enable remote mentors or experts to provide practical support to off-shore workers.

Oil and gas companies throughout the value chain are all required to take ownership of safety and compliance matters, both for themselves and their suppliers. With heavy penalties or even closure being the consequences of failure, it’s essential that the right information and evidence is captured, and processes followed.

XR digitises workflows to ensure all SOP steps are followed and documented every time. Technicians can also connect with supervisors to video stream a live inspection. With the ability to do this hands-free while wearing any required PPE, Extended Reality can also ensure that health and safety isn’t compromised.

Failure to resolve an issue quickly in oil and gas can lead to disaster, potentially impacting customer supply, security, and even the environment. This means reducing downtime and improving resolution time is key.

Extended Reality can help by connecting frontline workers to the right support and information for the issue in front of them. This could be in the form of digital workflows and documentation to quickly and accurately guide the user through the fix. Or it could be providing access to remote experts who can troubleshoot the issue and guide the on-site worker through the repairs.

Oil and gas companies are under pressure to reduce their carbon footprint, and travel can be a significant contributor to this. When dealing with offshore or specialist engineering requirements, experts have previously been flown around the world to provide support.

With Extended Reality though, experts can now connect to on-site workers remotely. Able to see and hear what the worker sees, the expert or specialist can then guide the on-site worker through the fix. This removes the need for them to travel, accelerates fix rate, and allows them to support more sites and workers at one time.

Why Westbase XR?

Westbase XR has over thirty years’ experience supporting distributed enterprise – XR may be a new technology but supporting frontline and remote workers is not new to us. Westbase XR gives you access to:

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