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Connected technology that helps you work smarter. Because out here, performance is critical.

For the utilities, oil and gas industries, today’s operations must evolve to shape a more sustainable tomorrow. Our future-primed, connected technology helps you join the dots, and work smarter faster and more sustainably. By combining extensive industry expertise with the design, build and maintenance of our technology, we can help you shape the next generation of utilities, oil and gas.

Book a no-obligations workshop with to explore how you could start your transition to connected technology today: brings together the technical expertise and implementation experience necessary to help utility, oil and gas organisations adopt new connected technologies. Representing best-in-class solutions and providing the support and services needed at every stage of your project, we provide a safe pair of hands.

Our approach and end-to-end delivery can help to reduce your project demands and workloads, saving you time and money. Working with a network of partners, we deliver solutions which are proven where it matters.

We’ll explore all this, along with the possibilities of connected technology, and your organisation’s objectives, in your workshop:

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How we can support your transition to connected technology.


Connect your teams wherever they’re working with flexible 4G/5G solutions in the field and on-the-road. Plus use XR wearables to drive increased collaboration with “see-what-I-see” capabilities and real-time information distribution.


Whether it’s connecting your frontline workers to remote experts using Extended Reality to improve first time fix rate, or using 4G/5G to deploy a rapid network at an incident site so teams can get connected fast and securely, we can help to streamline your operations.


Bringing new employees up to speed quickly and safely is a constant challenge for utility organisations. Accelerate your hands-on learning with Extended Reality, while de-risking the situation by ensuring appropriate supervision and support.

Safety & Compliance

Ensuring the right information and evidence is captured, and processes followed, is key to maintaining safety and compliance across your workforce. Extended Reality can support this with digital workflows and remote monitoring, while our flexible, scalable connectivity means teams and assets can get and stay connected to ensure systems are accessible and reliable.

Book your workshop.

Book a no-obligations workshop with to explore how you could start your transition to connected technology today. In your workshop we will:

– Discover more about your organisation and its objectives

– Explore the possibilities of 4G/5G, IoT, FWA, and Extended Reality for you

– Share more about our support and services which can take your project from design through build, and then provide in-life maintenance.

Our proven technologies.

4G/5G & IoT

Connectivity solutions that deliver better customer experiences, safety and ways of working.

Connected Infrastructure

Advance your networks for improved flexibility, scalability and performance.

Extended Reality

Improve the way your utility organisation communicates, operates and educates.