Ubiquiti AirMax RocketDish 5G34 5.8 GHz 34dBi Antenna

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SKU: RD-5G34

Ubiquiti AirMax Rocket Dish, designed for the Ubiquiti Rocket. Dual polarised MIMO 5.8 GHz 34 dBi dish antenna.

Two SMA RP Jack radio inputs, heavily-engineered pole mounting with adjustable tilt, slot for fitting of Ubiquiti Rocket.

Processor ArchitectureMIPS 74Kc
Memory64 MB
Memory TypeDDR2
Operating SystemAirOS
Max Power Output25 dBm
10/100/1000 PoE In1
Wireless StandardsairMax ac
Frequency Min2412 MHz
Frequency Max2462 MHz
Frequency Min 25150 MHz
Frequency Max 25875 MHz
Channel Width 210 MHz
Channel Width 220 MHz
Channel Width 230 MHz
Channel Width 240 MHz
Channel Width 250 MHz
Channel Width 260 MHz
Channel Width 280 MHz
Antenna TypeReflector
Gain23 dBi
Power MethodPower over Ethernet
PoE Min21.6 V
PoE Max26.4 V
PoE Ports1
PoE Pins4/5+,7/8-
PoE TypePassive
Current Min0.3 A
Power Consumption7 W
Dimensions358 mm
Dimensions271.95 mm
Dimensions272.5 mm
Weight980 g
Case MaterialSGCC 0.6T
Case MaterialPC
Operating Temperature Min-40 °c
Operating Humidity Min5 % RH
Operating Temperature Max70 °c
Operating Humidity Max95 % RH
Operating Humidity TypeNoncondensing
ESD/EMP Protection± 24kV Contact/Air
Wind Survial200 Km‾h
Wind Loading275N @ 200km/h N @ Km‾h
Ref #ITEM-002482
DescriptionUbiquiti LiteBeam AC Gen 2 5GHz 23dBi Radio