Ubiquiti airFiber 60GHz Radio with 5GHz Failover

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Ubiquiti's AF60 airFiber 60GHz radio provides 1+Gbps throughput over the low-interference 60GHz spectrum. With a high-gain 38dBi dish antenna (11dBi at 5GHz) the AF-60 can be deployed in links of up to 2km. The AF60 also has an integrated 5GHz failover radio to ensure your link is maintained even in conditions where the 60GHz frequency becomes unreliable.

The AF60 supports 2GHz and 1GHz channel widths at 60Ghz and 20/40/80MHz at 5GHz. You can also manage your radios easily using Ubiquiti's UNMS Network Controller.

New installations must be covered under Ofcom’s EHF Licence. Existing installations must be covered by this licence by November 30th 2021.

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