Perle S-100MM-S2LC20 Fast Ethernet Fibre to Fibre Media Converter

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SKU: 05060051

Perles advanced features make the end to end fibre link completely transparent. This allows for more efficient troubleshooting and less on-site maintenance. In addition, a lifetime warranty and free worldwide technical support make Perles S-100MM Fast Ethernet Fibre to Fibre Media Converters the smart choice for IT professionals.

Whether you need to extend multimode to multimode or multimode to single mode, Perle has an extensive range of S-100MM Fast Ethernet Fibre to Fibre Media Converters to meet your fibre conversion requirement.

Auto-Negotiation (802.3ab)

The 1000Base-X fibre interfaces negotiate according to 802.3 clause 37.

Smart Link Pass-Through

When the Link Mode switch is placed into Smart Link Pass-Through mode, the 1000BASE-X link on one port will reflect the state of the other 1000Base-X media converter port. This feature can be used whether fibre auto-negotiation is enabled or disabled.

Fibre fault alert

With Fibre Fault Alert the state of the 1000Base-X receiver is passed to the 1000Base-X transmitter. This provides fault notification to the partner device attached to the 1000Base-X interface of the media converter. If the 1000Base-X transmitter is off as a result of this fault it will be turned on periodically to allow the condition to clear should the partner device on the 1000Base-X be using a similar technique. This eliminates the possibility of lockouts that occur with some media converters. Applies only when fibre auto-negotiation is disabled.

Signal regeneration

Signal regeneration maintains signal integrity and allows for maximum fibre to fibre connections without degradation.


Media converters can be cascaded. Two or more media converters can be chained in a link to achieve even greater distances.

Pause (IEEE 802.3x)

Pause signalling is an IEEE feature that temporarily suspends data transmission between two devices in the event that one of the devices becomes overwhelmed. The media converter is transparent to Pause frames.


The media converter is transparent to 802.1Q VLAN tagged packets.


Full and half duplex operation supported.

Jumbo packets

Transparent to jumbo packets up to 10KB.

Remote loopback

The media converter can perform a loopback on each 1000Base-X fibre interface.

Operating Temperature0°C to 50°C
Power Requirement12v DC
HousingIP20 Metal
Dimensions (mm)120 x 80 x 26