Cradlepoint NetCloud Exchange, SD-WAN

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Cradlepoint NCX SD-WAN is a cutting-edge cellular-optimised network service built on a robust zero-trust framework. Enhance WAN resilience and Quality of Experience (QoE) with traffic optimisation across various connections like wired, 5G/LTE, satellite, and more.

Key Features:

  • Built on a modern zero-trust foundation for enhanced security.
  • Supports traffic optimisation over diverse connections, including 5G network slicing.
  • Easy implementation of application-based policies network-wide.
  • Efficient operation over cellular networks with consideration of specific attributes like signal strength.
  • Bandwidth preservation using inline traffic for WAN performance measurement.
  • Enhanced QoE over lossy links through Forward Error Correction (FEC).
  • Intelligent bonding of multiple WAN interfaces for increased resiliency and traffic control.
  • Deep visibility into latency, loss, and available bandwidth from edge to cloud.
  • Centralised flow-level visibility for comprehensive traffic analysis.
  • Simplified fault management and root cause analysis through AIOps-driven dashboard.
  • Improved productivity with virtual expert capabilities leveraging Natural Language Processing.