Ubiquiti IsoStation 5AC 5GHz CPE

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Ubiquiti\'s IsoStation 5AC is a modular device with a shielded die-cast aluminium base and interchangeable horn antenna for minimal side lobes and greater deployment options. The device ships with a 45° symmetrical horn as standard but this can be replaced with a 30° symmetrical horn or a 60° or 90° asymmetrical horn. A single button release feature makes it easy to change your antenna as required, making it easy to redeploy or upgrade your network.

Operating SystemAirOS
10/100/1000 PoE In1
Wireless StandardsairMax ac
Frequency Min2400 MHz
Frequency Max2483.5 MHz
Frequency Min 25150 MHz
Frequency Max 25875 MHz
Antenna TypeHorn
Gain14 dBi
Beamwidth Horizontal45 °
Power MethodPower over Ethernet
PoE Min20 V
PoE Max26 V
PoE Ports1
PoE Pins4/5+,7/8-
PoE TypePassive
Current Min0.5 A
Power Consumption8.5 W
Dimensions142 mm
Dimensions174 mm
Dimensions150 mm
Weight725.7 g
Operating Temperature Min-40 °c
Operating Humidity Min5 % RH
Operating Temperature Max70 °c
Operating Humidity Max95 % RH
Operating Humidity TypeNoncondensing
ESD/EMP Protection± 24kV Contact/Air
Wind Survial200 Km‾h
Wind Loading36N @ 200km/h N @ Km‾h
Ref #ITEM-002486
DescriptionUbiquiti IsoStation 5AC 5GHz CPE