Ubiquiti airMAX AC 5 GHz, 31 dBi RocketDish

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The Ubiquiti RocketDish RD-5G31-AC is a Carrier Class 2x2 Bridge Dish Antenna that was designed to seamlessly integrate with Ubiquiti Rocket radios. The Ubiquiti Research and Development team engineered the RocketDish 5G31 AC with high isolation and Front-to-Back (F/B) ratio, resulting in improved Signal-to-Noise Ratio. The improved F/B ratio and lower sidelobes reduce the interference from other transmitters in the area or even on the same tower. The improved S/N ratio also allows a higher-order modulation to be used, for example, 256QAM rather than 16QAM. This in turn increases the number of bits per second for a fixed bandwidth.

Because of its advanced engineering, the RocketDish RD-5G31-AC provides:

Enhanced co-location

Better performance

Additional range

AirMax Technology

Unlike standard Wi-Fi protocol, Ubiquitis Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) AirMax protocol allows each client to send and receive data using pre-designated time slots scheduled by an intelligent AP controller. This time slot method eliminates hidden node collisions and maximizes airtime efficiency. It provides many magnitudes of performance improvements in latency, throughput, and scalability compared to all other outdoor systems in its class. Intelligent QoS Priority is given to voice/video for seamless streaming. Scalability High capacity and scalability. Long Distance Capable of high-speed, carrier-class links.

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Operating SystemUniFi
Router Throughput 2.4GHz300 Mbps
Router Throughput 5GHz867 Mbps
SecurityWPA-Enterprise (WPA/WPA2, TKIP/AES)
Max Power Output20 dBm
Concurrent Clients250
QoSPer-User Rate Limiting
Guest Traffic IsolationYes
WMMBest Effort
10/100/1000 PoE In1
10/100/1000 PoE Out1
Wireless Standards802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Band2.4 GHz
Band5 GHz
Antenna TypeDual-Band Single Polarity
Gain1 dBi
Gain 22 dBi
MIMO2GHz: 2x2 Mimo
MIMO5.8GHz: 2x2 MIMO
Power MethodPower over Ethernet
PoE Ports1
PoE Type802.3at
Power Consumption19 W
PoE Max48 V
PoE TypePassive
PoE Pins1/2+; 3/6-
PoE Port2
Dimensions139.7 mm
Dimensions86.7 mm
Dimensions25.75 mm
Weight200 g
Mounting1-Gang Electrical Wall Box
Operating Temperature Min-10 °c
Operating Humidity Min5 % RH
Operating Temperature Max50 °c
Operating Humidity Max95 % RH
Operating Humidity TypeNoncondensing
Ref #ITEM-002249
DescriptionUbiquiti UniFi UAP AC In-Wall
Manufacturer URLLink