Ubiquiti airMAX AC 5 GHz, 22 dBi, 45º Sector

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SKU: AM-5AC22-45

As part of the next generation of 2x2 MIMO sector antennas from Ubiquiti Networks, the AirMax ac 5 GHz Sector Antenna 45 22dBi features significant advances in scalability, noise isolation, and beam performance to complement the Rocket 5ac radios. They are also backwards compatible with Rocket M5 models; however, optimal performance is achieved the Rocket5ac.

The 45 22dBi AirMax ac Sector Antenna is highly resistant to noise interference in co-location deployments. The innovative deflector design, together with the reduced sidelobes and back lobes, reject interference from other transmitters in the area potentially on the same tower. Improved Signal-to-Noise Ratio allows a higher-order modulation to be used, for example, 256QAM rather than 16QAM. This increases the number of bits per second for a fixed bandwidth. Due to innovative design, the airMAXac AM-5AC22-45 provides higher gain and superior beam performance for high-capacity, multipoint networks.


The AirMax ac Sector Antennas are engineered to reject interference and provide enhanced scalability, higher gain, and superior beam performance in PtMP networks.

To help reduce RF interference, an RF Armor Ubiquiti AC Sector Rocket Box can be used with device.

Processor ArchitectureMIPS 74Kc
Memory64 MB
Memory TypeDDR2
Operating SystemAirOS
10/100/1000 PoE In1
Wireless StandardsairMax ac
Frequency Min 25150 MHz
Frequency Max 25875 MHz
Channel Width 210 MHz
Channel Width 220 MHz
Channel Width 230 MHz
Channel Width 240 MHz
Channel Width 250 MHz
Channel Width 260 MHz
Channel Width 280 MHz
Antenna TypeReflector
Gain26 dBi
Power MethodPower over Ethernet
PoE Min21.6 V
PoE Max26.4 V
PoE Ports1
PoE Pins4/5+,7/8-
PoE TypePassive
Current Min0.3 A
Dimensions512.5 mm
Dimensions385.75 mm
Dimensions258.3 mm
Case MaterialAluminium
Case MaterialPC
Operating Temperature Min-40 °c
Operating Humidity Min5 % RH
Operating Temperature Max70 °c
Operating Humidity Max95 % RH
Operating Humidity TypeNoncondensing
ESD/EMP Protection± 24kV Contact/Air
Wind Survial200 Km‾h
Wind Loading550N @ 200km/h N @ Km‾h