Ubiquiti airMAX 2.4 GHz, 15 dBi, 120º Sector

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SKU: AM-2G15-120

Dual polarity 2.4 GHz antenna for use with Ubiquiti Rockets which clip into the back making for quick and easy deployment.

  • Includes two SMA RP jack sockets for radio connections.
  • Rocket mating bracket provides solid mounting for Rocket M2.
  • Antenna is supplied with two pigtails to connect a Rocket M2.
  • See manufacturer\'s spec sheet for polar response diagrams.

Processor NameARM Cortex-A9
Processor Speed400 MHz
Memory256 MB
Memory TypeDDR3
Storage32 MB
ExtrasReset Button
10/100/1000 PoE In2
10/100/1000 PoE Out16
PoE Min54 V
PoE Max54 V
PoE Port1
PoE TypePassive
DC Min42 V
DC Max56 V
DC ConnectorTerminal
Min Current0.8 a
Power Consumption40 W
PoE Min54 V
PoE Max54 V
PoE Min 224 V
PoE Max 224 V
PoE TypePassive
PoE Pins4/5(+),7/8(-)
PoE Pins(1/2/4/5(+)
PoE Pins7/8/3/6(-)
Dimensions326.6 mm
Dimensions382.7 mm
Dimensions105.5 mm
Weight3800 g
Operating Temperature Min-40 °c
Operating Temperature Max65 °c
Operating Humidity Min10 % RH
Operating Humidity Max90 % RH
Operating Humidity TypeNon Condensing
Ref #1802
DescriptionUbiquiti EdgePoint 6 Port Switch
Manufacturer URLLink