Introducing RealWear Navigator Z1

Introducing RealWear Navigator Z1

Superpower your frontline teams in hazardous environments, with AI-enabled, hands-free solutions.

Built to tackle operational challenges, mitigate safety risks, and reduce the emerging knowledge gap from retiring experts. Experience hands-free communication and streamlined two way data sharing, that will revolutionise knowledge sharing for your frontline teams in hazardous environments.

Reduce downtime and enhance safety for frontline workers

The RealWear Navigator Z1 empowers teams in even the toughest environments to boost productivity while always ensuring safety is prioritised. Providing situational awareness, teams are connected to the experts and data they need while keeping their hands free and never having to compromise their PPE requirements.

In the Oil and Gas industry alone, 43% of workers are considering leaving or retiring in the next 5 years. In addition, an average of 27 days unplanned production downtime can cost to up $38m, with 50% of process safety accidents also happening during downtime. Seen throughout other industries as well, these core demands of accelerated knowledge sharing, reduced downtime, and increased safety can all be supported with the implementation of RealWear Assisted Reality.

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Expected to ship in EMEA from mid-November, place your pre-orders with today. The Navigator Z1 is also now available through RealWear’s NFR programme. To request your NFR, please use the RealWear partner request form as per the usual processes.

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Find out more about the RealWear Navigator Z1

Product page

RealWear Navigator Z1 Product Page

With over twenty technical improvements versus its predecessor, check out our Navigator Z1 product page to find out more. Highlights include faster performance, enhanced camera with advanced image stabilisation, 11% lighter and even tougher, bigger and brighter display with 2x the resolution, and a modular design.

Launch press release

RealWear Navigator Z1 Press Release

For even more details and information, check out the official announcement by reading our copy of the RealWear press release.


RealWear Navigator Z1 Datasheet

With a full breakdown of the Navigator Z1 specifications, get all the technical details you need from the datasheet in our Knowledge Centre.

Key use cases

Minimise disruption by reducing downtime and operational delays. Using the RealWear Navigator Z1, frontline workers can collaborate remotely with experts to get the help needed to get things back on track – without delay and without compromising safety.

Improve productivity by enabling users to log real-time inspection data and access the situational information they need to work effectively and efficiently.

Transfer knowledge and reduce errorsĀ by using digital workflows, critical knowledge sharing and AI.

Features and functionality

Comfortable for all-day use – the lightest, toughest ATEX wearable computer.

Stress and drop-tested, and able to withstand extreme temperatures.

Be heard in the noisiest environments with noise cancellation up to 100dBA.

AI core with neural network processor to add even more use cases.

Identify abnormal heat signatures before they become a problem with the optional Thermal Camera Module.

Customise devices with the new modular design and accessories range., your RealWear distributor

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