Proven Where It Matters: ESN-Ready Technology

We provide ESN-ready technology to the UK’s emergency services. Because out here, failure isn’t an option.

Fast, accurate decision-making relies on fast, accurate information. Built around your evolving needs, we provide connected technology to support our emergency services through every critical situation. From design, through to build and maintenance, we work collaboratively to ensure you can make the right call when it matters.

Book a no-obligations workshop with to explore how you could start your transition to ESN today: is the most experienced provider of ESN-approved 4G/5G networking solutions, having connected 1000s of emergency service vehicles and teams over the past decade.

We bring together the technical expertise and implementation experience necessary to help emergency services adopt new ESN-ready technology. Working with a network of partners, and representing the leading manufacturers in this space, we deliver solutions which are proven where it matters.

We’ll explore all this, along with the possibilities of ESN, and your service objectives, in your workshop:

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Our ESN-approved technology can connect...


Able to connect multiple applications in and around your emergency service vehicles, our enterprise-grade ESN-approved 4G/5G routing solutions can connect your field teams on the move. As well as providing a reliable mobile WiFi hotspot, you can connect AVLS, vehicle and body worn cameras, asset tracking and other specialist technologies.

Temporary and Fixed Sites

When responding to an incident, reliable and secure connectivity is essential to coordinating different services and teams. Our ESN-approved solutions can be deployed rapidly in such cases, allowing all on-site personnel to connect easily and share information in real-time for improved collaboration. You can also connect fixed station locations for increased diversity, or to prepare for ESN.

Book your workshop.

Book a no-obligations workshop with to explore how you could start your transition to ESN today. In your workshop we will:

– Discover more about your service and its objectives

– Explore the possibilities of ESN for you

– Share more about our support and services which can take your project from design through build, and then provide in-life maintenance.

Our proven technologies have helped to connect...

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