Perle MCR1900-DDC Media Converter Chassis

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SKU: 05059930

An end-to-end copper to copper, copper to fibre, multimode to single mode or multimode to multimode solution can be achieved by pairing modules in this high density chassis with another Perle MCR1900 chassis standalone media converters, or standalone Ethernet extenders. Management of Media Converter Modules and chassis can be performed with the addition of a chassis management module. For a low to mid density solution, please check out the MCR200 Media Converter Chassis.

For those environments requiring a medium to large-scale deployment of media converters, a centralised platform that simplifies the configuration, administration, monitoring, and troubleshooting of this gear is recommended. PerleVIEW Device Management software is a multi-user, Windows server-based application that delivers this level of Enterprise-grade solution.

High density media converter platform

  • Insert up to 19 modules into a single 2U chassis. The modules share a common power source.


Rugged chassis design

  • U-channelled card cage provides high torsional rigidity
  • Unified design between chassis slot and module faceplates provide additional chassis strength
  • Redundant vertical supports ensure that slot alignment remains accurate enabling easy card insertion and removals over time
  • Advanced card guide design along with 32 pin DIN 41612 connectors offer better card mating accuracy for reliable module additions and changes
  • Made with zinc coated cold-rolled steel offering excellent corrosion resistance
  • Extra ventilation slots on module face plates provide cooler operation and longer life
  • Multi channel air flow for improve card cooling
  • Auto-Thermal Shutdown Protection should internal temperature threshold be exceeded


Hot-Swappable modules

  • Modules can be inserted and removed with no impact to the rest of the system. Upon insertion the module will automatically be powered up and begin functioning. Modules can be placed in any slot and in any order.


Power supply failover

  • On dual power supply configurations, the load sharing power supplies provide instant failover should a power supply or power source fail. A single power supply can provide more than sufficient power for a fully loaded system.


Intelligent alarm relay

  • A backplane controller provides continuous monitoring of vital chassis resources. The built-in, normally open/closed, dry contact relay will engage on the following fault conditions:
  • Power supply failure
  • High internal temperature
  • Fan speed failure
  • Backplane voltage error

Operating Temperature0°C to 50°C
Power Requirement18 - 72v DC
Dimensions (mm)356 x 435 x 89