Digi USB Hubport

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This external, user installable solution plugs into a standard USB port to provide four or seven additional USB 2.0 ports in a compact chassis. The switched USB architecture guarantees maximum performance on all ports simultaneously.

Models include AC or DC powered hubs that accept power from standard AC wall plugs or a range of 5.5-30 VDC power sources, such as vehicle batteries. Plastic chassis and metal chassis models are available, and both are small enough to fit nearly anywhere.

Feature-rich design, extensive operating system support and reliable performance make Hubport ideal for mission-critical environments. Applications include connecting devices to a hub powered by car or truck battery for mobile applications; adding Plug and Play USB compatibility to an older PC or laptop; and connecting USB peripheral devices at an office workstation.

Ports4x, 7x or 14x USB Type A ports depending on model (USB 2.0, 1.1 and 1.0 compatible)
Operating Temperature0°C to 55°C
Remote ManagementNo
Dimensions (mm)Depends on SKU