Digi IX20

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The high-performance architecture of the Digi IX20 router provides primary and backup WWAN connectivity over software selectable multi-carrier LTE. Digi IX20 supports software features for advanced security (stateful firewall, MAC filtering and VPN), redundancy (Digi SureLink®) and management (SNMP, event logging, analyzer trace and QOS), enabling it to be used in PCI or NERC-CIP compliant applications.

Digi IX20 can be managed with Digi Remote Manager®, a cloud-based solution that facilitates easy setup, mass configuration, maintenance and support for hundreds or even thousands of remote Digi and third-party devices. Digi Remote Manager lets you evaluate, update and configure your Digi enterprise routers and gateways — and the health of your network — at scale, after deployment.

The Digi IX20 family of routers has a single part number, which simplifies inventory control for global distribution and deployment. In addition, Digi IX20 is designed for Digi CORE® plug-in LTE modems that can be changed out or upgraded without replacing the entire router.

ModemCAT 4 LTE / 3G / 2G
SIM Slots2x SIM slots
Accessories IncludedDC Power Cable, DIN Rail Clip, Ethernet Cable and Antennas Included
Ports2x 10/100 Ethernet, 1x RS-232
Operating TemperatureWith Wi-Fi: -20° C to 70°C / Without WiFi: -40° C to 70°C
Antenna Connectors1x Primary LTE, 1x Diversity LTE, 1x WiFi
HousingGlass-filled polyphenylene sulphide (PPS) / IP30
Dimensions (mm)107 x 162 x 35
WiFi EnabledOptional
Device Industry Use CasesATMs Kiosks and Vending,Industrial
Device ApplicationsM2M/IoT