Cradlepoint NetCloud Exchange Service Gateway License

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Cradlepoint NetCloud Exchange Service Gateway provides the foundation for the Secure Connect and future services. As the service delivery vehicle for NetCloud Exchange, the Service Gateway provides the secure data-plane and policy enforcement capabilities for Secure Connect to orchestrate agile networks from Cradlepoint routers in sites, vehicles, IoT, and remote workers to digital resources in the cloud, data centre and external sites. Delivered for a virtual infrastructure, cloud environment or downloaded onto a physical server, the Service Gateway can be delivered on-premises or in a hosted environment. The Service Gateway is easily provisioned via Cradlepoint NetCloud and managed like other Cradlepoint solutions.


Key benefits:

Simplified confirguration

NCX Secure Connect and Service Gateway simplify the cumbersome process of IP addressing in deploying new sites for simplified setup and faster network rollout. By allowing reuse of IP addresses, and an easier to understand name-based addressing scheme, Secure Connect is significantly easier to deploy across thousands of locations and eliminates complex network configurations for higher operational efficiency and agility.

Security services

NetCloud Exchange establishes a zero-trust foundation as soon as it is deployed by eliminating default network level access and only allowing access to defined resources. When Secure Connect links Cradlepoint routers through the NCX Service Gateway, the networking, application, and data details become obscured to outside elements, which makes the IP addresses undiscoverable. This private networking scheme locks out external access and significantly reduces the attack surface. 

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