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Westbase Technology brings best-of-breed technology from leading manufacturers to the market-place, perfect for deployment across multiple industries and sectors the technologies available include 4G/3G Routers, Terminal and Device Servers, Industrial Ethernet Switches and Media Converters.

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4G Cellular Routers

4G/LTE improves cellular connectivity for business, enterprise and industry, with speeds of up to 100Mbps for downloads and 50Mbps for uploads, 4G/LTE can quickly and reliably connect applications, users, devices and assets. Westbase Technology supplies the latest managed 4G/LTE Cellular Routers from our global partners ensuring fast, secure and flexible mobile broadband communications no matter the industry, sector or business need.

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3G Cellular Routers

The 3G/HSPA network is a reliable and trusted platform for mobile broadband communications. In use across multiple industries and sectors globally, 3G/HSPA ensures that businesses are fully integrated no matter where they are located. Westbase Technology supplies leading and innovative managed 3G/HSPA Cellular Routers for multiple industries and M2M environments, including integration into applications such as telematics, utilities, finance and retail.

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GPRS/EDGE is a 2G cellular network supporting SMS, MMS, WAP and other business critical data communications. GPRS was the first ‘always on’ popular standard for mobile data communications, with connection speeds up to 115 kilobits per second, EDGE is an enhancement to the network enabling speeds up to 384 kilobits per second. Westbase Technology supplies a range of GPRS/EDGE Cellular Routers, perfect for global mobile communications.

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WiFi Devices

Enterprise benefits from the addition of WiFi, defined as any ‘wireless local area network’ (WLAN), it allows devices to exchange data or securely connect to the internet wirelessly, enabling access to critical data and resources. Businesses can also offer secure public WiFi hotspots supporting multiple connections, which can be deployed across cities, in transportation networks and retail organisations using WiFi Routers from Westbase Technology.

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Mesh, RF and Zigbee

Extend operations with Mesh, RF and Zigbee compatible products available from Westbase Technology. A Mesh network is reliable and offers redundancy as the organised radio nodes can still communicate even if one goes down. RF network technology is meant for areas where there is insufficient network infrastructure. ZigBee addresses the needs of low-cost, low-power wireless sensor and control networks in just about any market.

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Device & Terminal Servers

Remotely monitor, control and troubleshoot equipment and perform out-of-band management of assets from anywhere in the world with Device and Terminal Servers from Westbase Technology. Enable easy and secure connection of any equipment or device with a serial port to Ethernet, for access to network server applications. Perfect for connecting console ports, servers, modems, point of sale (POS), printers and other industrial equipment.

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Industrial Ethernet Switches

Industry relies upon information produced as part of it operations, that data is essential in increasing productivity, improving quality, managing stock, and reducing operational costs. Ethernet Switches from Westbase Technology can help to ensure reliable information flow with features including network redundancy, integrated security, and extended temperature for use in demanding and harsh industrial environments.

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Industrial Ethernet Extenders

An Ethernet Extender is used to extend an industrial Ethernet or network beyond its distance limit, approximately 100 metres, making it possible to re-use existing network set-ups and cabling which can lead to considerable financial savings when installing new systems. Westbase Technology has a number of Ethernet Extenders available, the perfect solution to extend a business network, add additional network ports, or for deployment in harsh conditions.

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USB Connectivity

USB connectivity enables high-speed data transmission in networking and machine-to-machine (M2M) environments. Westbase Technology supplies a wide range of USB Connectivity devices (USB to Serial, USB over IP, USB Ports, USB Hubs) that offer simple plug and play connectivity, eliminating the need to open a chassis, reconfigure and reboot devices, connecting any serial peripheral device and saving on setup time and cost.

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Media Converters

Extend network distances by up to 160km with media converters, connecting fiber to ethernet or fiber to fiber. Managed or unmanaged Media Converters from Westbase Technology make it possible to connect two media types, used to connect newer fiber based systems with older copper based systems. Supporting different communication protocols as well as cabling types, the devices range from standalone devices and PC card converters to chassis systems.

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Digital Signage

Digital Signage is an intrinsic part of modern communication. It can be found almost everywhere including retail outlets, businesses, public buildings and airport terminals. Westbase Technology supplies signboards incorporating touch screens and movement sensors, and media players that enable flexibility and performance for managing digital signboard content, outputting a customised display of dynamic real-time content.

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Failover, Connectivity, Fixed & Mobile and M2M
Westbase Technology has a wide range of products from leading global brands to suit all industrial and commercial applications, see how we can help improve your data communications.

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