Winter Wonderland? Facing Networking Challenges During the Frosty Period.




With Christmas just around the corner and winter getting into full swing, businesses are presented with no end of risk to their operability at this time of year – be it due to bad weather conditions or frantic Christmas shoppers putting a strain on the business.

Here’s how you can ensure your business network at least is prepared for the festive, frosty period.



The festive season is the busiest time of year for most organisations; for those in retail and hospitality it’s a given that they’ll be facing record demand, with the Centre for Retail Research predicting that UK shoppers are set to spend approximately £78.69M this Christmas period. It’s not just retailers coming under stress though, with other industries such as manufacturing and services experiencing higher levels of demand than usual as businesses look to put things in place ready for the new year. This extended pressure on businesses can quickly put a strain on critical applications and the connectivity they require, meaning the need for a network which can flex with the demand on it is highly important.

Bad weather conditions mean that businesses can often fall victim to connectivity outages at this time of year as well, affecting the overall operability of the organisation at one of its most critical times. According to research completed by Beaming, in 2016 British businesses alone lost £7 Billion due to Internet outages. Connectivity outages can mean loss of access to critical online business applications, loss of access to central servers for remote workers and branch offices, loss of Point of Sale terminals and kiosk transactions, and loss of access to essential real-time information from remote locations – all of which damages the organisation’s ability to serve its customers.


Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

A cellular failover solution however, can provide seamless connectivity failover if and when the primary service is knocked out by bad weather conditions. As it provides network diversity, cellular is unlikely to be affected by the same conditions which impact on the primary service, usually a fixed line – making it a highly reliable solution to deliver an uninterrupted service to keep locations and businesses fully operational for employees and customers alike.

By selecting a solution like the Cradlepoint AER series as well, which can intelligently converge and manage wired and wireless connections, businesses do not only benefit from 4G LTE failover to protect against bad weather and other causes of connectivity downtime. They can also leverage the same 4G LTE network to deliver burst bandwidth to help deal with the peak traffic they experience at this time of year.

By ensuring that they have such a solution in place, organisations can prepare against the connectivity challenges of the winter and festive season – whether it’s snow, flooding or Christmas shoppers challenging their network – and ensure that they’re kept online for their peak business period.


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