Winter is coming: time to prepare


Winter is ComingThe winter season presents no end of risks to a business’ communications and therefore its operability. Make sure you and your customers don’t get caught out by wrapping resilience up before the frost sets in.

Every year business after business falls victim to connectivity outages due to bad weather conditions in the winter months. In 2013 the insurance group RSA estimated that the January snowfall cost the economy £470m a day, and the Office for National Statistics reported that the Big Freeze in 2010 caused the UK’s economy to shrink by 0.5%.

These figures may represent problems wider than keeping business communications going, but there is no doubt that the loss of connectivity

can have a huge business impact. For example it can cause:

  • Loss of access to critical online business applications
  • Loss of access to central servers for remote workers and branch offices
  • Loss of Point of Sale terminal and kiosk transactions
  • Loss of monitoring and control capabilities
  • Loss of access to essential real-time information in remote locations


Keeping communications going is therefore essential, as each of these instances can render a business’ operations defunct. Apart from financial losses associated with these issues, staff productivity is also depleted, and customer relationships can take a knock too. The impact of a connectivity outage could go on long past the hour, day, or days that it originally occurred.


Failover connectivity – preventing a communications freeze

A mobile networking solution can provide the business continuation needed when a wired connection fails. With a wide range of 3G / 4G gateways, modems and routers on the market there’s a solution to suit all.

Enabling a wide variety of applications, a mobile networking solution can provide failover for almost any connectivity requirements. Below are just a few key application examples to demonstrate the importance of making sure a business is protected:


Point of Sale

With the increased use of central Point of Sale systems and the social shift to payment by credit card, retailing relies day-in, day-out on connectivity. So when the primary connection goes down and there isn’t a back-up, not only is money lost in sales during downtime, but also from future sales where customers have gone elsewhere as a result of service unavailability.

A mobile failover however can kick in to action when this happens, meaning sales transactions can go ahead as usual – saving the business’ money and reputation.


Distributed Enterprises

Many businesses have multiple branches or retail locations distributed across a wide geographic. These remote locations rely heavily on their ability to connect to their head office systems and databases so when connectivity drops, so does their ability to function.

A mobile networking solution provides a back-up to wired connectivity to keep remote locations working around the season, come storm or snow.



Many modern security systems require connectivity to manage and monitor equipment amongst other things. When the wired connection fails therefore, the ability to do this disappears and leaves the business in question exposed to increased security risks.

Failover connectivity via cellular can provide a simple solution to keeping a business secure when primary connectivity can’t.


Removing the risks

With the expansion of 3G and 4G mobile networks globally, cellular connectivity can provide a reliable, secure and super-fast failover solution. Mobile networking solutions can automatically detect when the primary connection has failed, and kick in straight away with 3G / 4G network connectivity to ensure uninterrupted service.

Low cost, easy to deploy, and suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries, mobile networking solutions make business continuity a piece of Christmas cake – protecting businesses from the seasonal threats.


Furthering your business

Mobile networking solutions not only provide a failover solution to protect businesses in times of need, but also deliver a wide range of connectivity applications – providing a one-stop connectivity shop for furthering business operations in the future.



Westbase delivers a broad range of mobile network solutions and can identify the best hardware and setup for individual businesses. For our reseller, distributor, and systems integrator partners we can help to deliver failover solutions that will keep the frost out of your customers’ business operations – delivering the support you need wherever you may need it.