WiFi in Hospitality: Customer Demands and Business Needs


WiFi Hospitality



Markets and Markets reported that the global WiFi market is expected to grow to be a $33.6 Billion industry by 2020 at an estimated CAGR of 17.8% – up from the $14.8 Billion market it had in 2015. In this article we take a look at how this growth is impacting on the hospitality industry.




According to Gartner, wireless LAN connectivity has been a growing trend in the information technology sector for many years and it still remains one of the fastest growing segments, second only to security. One industry that is already reaping the added benefits of wireless LAN solutions is hospitality. Hospitality businesses, from small cafes and restaurants to holiday camps and hotels, are realising that being able to connect personal mobile or tablet devices has become a standard expectation for many of their customers – with many wanting to connect to a WiFi network wherever they go:

  • 64% of hotels now offer free WiFi (Hotel Chatter)
  • 70% of travellers connect to wireless at hotels and 59% at restaurants (PhoCusWright and Hotspot Shield)
  • 90% of people rated WiFi as the most important hotel amenity (Forrester)


As customer expectations for WiFi capabilities are constantly growing, so too is the use of wireless technology for business processes. From connecting handheld devices to maximising flexible, mobile working, hoteliers and restauranteurs alike are utilising wireless to streamline their work processes. In addition to this, hospitality businesses are also leveraging their WiFi systems to provide customer behaviour analytics and increase their marketing opportunities.

By creating customised login pages which showcase their latest promotions to stimulate customer spending, or even generate revenue by selling space on these pages for advertising, companies are maximising their online engagement through their WiFi – all the while collecting valuable data to monitor customer behaviour.

All of these demands combined means that the need for a future-proofed, reliable and secure WiFi solution, which can manage guest and corporate traffic, has never been greater.


Introducing LANCOM Systems

LANCOM Systems is a leading WiFi networking equipment manufacturer, providing an end-to-end indoor and outdoor solution to suit a variety of needs:

  • Dimensioned for the future and including free updates, a LANCOM solution will meet business needs tomorrow as well as it does today
  • LANCOM stand for only the highest quality, so their WiFi hardware is built for performance to ensure investments are protected
  • Fully customisable solutions, without the need for additional hardware, LANCOM WiFi products are cost effective, flexible and scalable
  • “Made in Germany” – security you can trust; LANCOM equipment is tested according to only the highest standards of security, and they guarantee no back doors


With a LANCOM Systems enterprise WLAN solution, organisations can flexibly connect customers with ease, while providing peace of mind that corporate applications and traffic are kept separate and secure.

With the pressure on to meet the ever-expanding requirements of customers and business technologies, it is clear that a wireless LAN solution is a must for the hospitality industry, both today and in the future.


For further information on WiFi in hospitality, take a look at our Westbase Technology “WiFi; Its Not Just Connectivity” guide or view the LANCOM Systems product range here. Alternatively, feel free to contact us directly on +44 (0) 1291 437 567 or info@westbase.io.