WiFi in Education: The Importance of Connected Learning


WiFi in Education



Last week, Westbase Technology attended the BETT Show at London’s ExCel Centre with our partner, LANCOM Systems. The show, which has been running for over thirty years, brings together educational professionals to showcase the best and upcoming technologies for this sector. Now, we take a look at the importance of WiFi to education.


Providing a better future for the next generation has always been a focal point for government organisations, professionals and, of course, parents. As we focus on enabling children and young adults to reach their potential, the spotlight lands on schools and higher education institutes to provide them with the resources they need to do so.

The evolution of technology has allowed schools, colleges and universities to revolutionise their educational processes, and for educators, it is now crucial to integrate these technological advancements into teaching methods. In order to do so, connectivity is paramount.

Whilst Internet access in schools, colleges and universities has been around for a long while now, it is becoming more than just a useful resource or a part of IT lessons. From online live lectures and webinars, to e-Books and other online resources, it’s clear that the Internet and “connected learning” has become a staple part of, and powerful teaching tool in, education.

Today, technology has transformed the roles of teaching staff. The concept of online learning and self-teaching has been widely adopted and educational staff are now using cloud-based applications to upload podcasts, learning resources, exam results and videos online, in order to encourage more independent learning and self-teaching. As well as this, digital tools such as interactive whiteboards, tablets and social networks are now integrated into everyday learning and the rising popularity of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) mean that students now expect to be able to connect to their educational resources at anytime, anywhere.

Furthermore, much like in their home lives, students are beginning to run their school lives through mobile devices – using tablets at an increasing rate for everything from schedule management and note taking, to research and thought mapping. Students, like everybody else, expect to be able to connect these devices and other technologies they regularly use anywhere – including their educational institutes. This means that schools, colleges and universities not only need to be able to connect their own technologies, but also need to have the flexibility to connect their students’ so as not to hinder their own, unique learning processes.

As institutes strive to integrate these technological advancements into their teaching methods and infrastructures though, older network services struggle to adapt and simply don’t scale to this new connected learning model. As a result, a flexible, cost-effective and future-proof solution needs to be put into place that enables students and staff to connect with ease, whether they are in a classroom on the move, whilst also taking on board the additional considerations of controlling access and content in a responsible way.

Learning with LANCOM

With student intakes on the increase, and connected learning on strong growth trajectory, flexibility has become an important factor when considering a network infrastructure for an educational institute. Equally important though is its stability and manageability; ensuring a reliable service which protects students and educators alike.

LANCOM Systems can provide a secure end-to-end networking solution, built specifically for the education sector and offering the following:

  • Secure Internet access
  • Wireless LAN for education, research and administration
  • Mobile access via Eduroam
  • Multiple site connectivity with VPN
  • Content filtering


With a LANCOM WiFi and VPN solution, institutions can flexibly connect staff and students with ease, while enjoying peace of mind that access is secure and controlled. With the pressure on to meet the ever-expanding technological advancements in education, it is clear that a sustainable and future-proof network infrastructure needs to be in place to ensure educational institutions are ready to embrace the future of technology.

For further information on a WiFi solution, take a look at our Westbase Technology “WiFi; Its Not Just Connectivity” guide or view the LANCOM Systems product range here. Alternatively, feel free to contact us directly on +44 (0) 1291 437 567 or info@westbase.io.