What Is: Hybrid Networking

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Following the recent update of our “Networking 101: A Glossary of Terms” help guide, Westbase.io has launched a new weekly “What Is” blog series to provide even more insight into the networking industry.

In this week’s edition we look at hybrid networking.

What is hybrid networking?

Hybrid networking refers to the combination of two or more communications standards that work together to form one network design. For example, the combination of wireless networking with wired networking which together deliver a single overall solution. It may also refer to a network design that combines two or more types of basic physical topologies.

The demand for hybrid networking:

Organisations today are constantly adopting new technologies to deliver positive change; be that improving their process efficiencies, offering new or improved services and products, or saving money. Many of these technologies require connectivity, but can all be different in the way that they need to be connected.

For example, a distributed enterprise using centralised systems may want to leverage fixed line services to provide a secure VPN between their primary branch sites and head office or NOC, while utilising a wireless LAN to connect employee computing devices for more flexible, mobile working. The same organisation may then have field teams who need to use 4G LTE to connect their mobile devices so that they can remotely access central systems from the road, and may also look to use cellular to connect any third party-run applications such as their building energy management systems (BEMS), so as to keep the edge of their network secure.

In this one organisation three forms of connectivity are required, and hybrid networking is all about uniting these disparate elements to deliver a seamless solution which the IT department can manage easily. Hybrid networking essentially provides the connectivity flexibility which businesses need, giving them the freedom to leverage the benefits of all forms of networking so that all areas of their business can perform.

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