Westbase Technology to Showcase Connected Car Solution at Emergency Services Show 2016


connected car for emergency services


Westbase Technology, leading 4G LTE and hybrid networking distributor, are due to exhibit at this September’s Emergency Services Show. Featured on their booth will be a connected car solution which will showcase a WiFi hotspot delivered over 4G LTE, plus several connected applications such as in-vehicle CCTV and mobile asset tracking.




Utilising a miniature vehicle kitted with an enterprise-grade 4G LTE router and several other technologies, Westbase will be demonstrating the importance of connected vehicles to emergency service teams at the NEC-hosted event.

The company has already deployed hundreds of in-vehicle connectivity solutions in emergency service fleets, working with over 30 emergency services in the UK to-date. The majority of these services are using the solution to provide reliable, secure connectivity on the road, so that field teams can connect tablet and laptop devices to the Internet and create a secure VPN access into central systems. Results are consistently strong. For example, constabularies are reporting that their Police Officers are able to spend up to an extra 2 hours a day in the field, as they can effectively operate a “mobile police station” from their vehicle. Able to access and update information as they go, they no longer have to return to the station to complete their “paperwork”.

“Emergency services today are already utilising Westbase’s in-vehicle networking solutions, in order to provide secure, remote access to central systems from the road – be that police officers accessing criminal intelligence for faster decision making, or paramedics accessing patient files to deliver better care in the field,” said Kelly Bell, Marketing Manager at Westbase Technology.

“What we want to show at this year’s Emergency Services Show though, is what else the solution can enable. 4G LTE solutions for emergency services are ideal as they’re cost-effective, scalable and highly flexible – both in where and what they can connect. More and more mobile applications are becoming prevalent in this sector, such as in-vehicle CCTV or asset tracking, and our cellular routing products are able to connect all of these technologies, in any location, in one simple, unified solution.”


Connected Application Examples

By being able to connect in-vehicle or body worn CCTV cameras using a 4G LTE in-vehicle networking solution, teams can remotely access and retrieve footage in real-time from any location – improving the safety of both emergency service teams and the community they serve. For example, retrieving real-time footage from body worn CCTV on firefighters can provide vital insights into the status and wellbeing of teams and victims involved in an incident – enabling supporting fire teams, and other emergency services, to better assist those involved.

A connected asset tracking solution enables both central and field teams to track when key equipment has been removed and then returned to the vehicle – ensuring expensive and critical equipment is always on-board when it’s needed. It also provides intelligence into the “state” of the vehicle and its occupants; for example, an alert on police vehicles to know when a gun has been removed from the vehicle’s rack could indicate whether an Officer may need additional assistance, even if they haven’t been able to call it in.

Westbase will also be showcasing how a 4G LTE networking solution can be used to transmit telematics and location services data in real-time to the control room. This provides a picture of vehicle health and location, plus driver behaviour, to central teams – yet more vital information for understanding what is going on in the field and the support required.

At a time when emergency services are under pressure to achieve more with fewer resources, in-vehicle connectivity has the ability to ease these pressures by increasing productivity across the board and aiding inter-service collaboration. Enabling field teams to perform their duties more efficiently and respond more quickly, as well as providing a picture of field status to central teams, a 4G LTE in-vehicle networking solution is a must for the modern emergency service.


Westbase Technology will be on stand F73 at the Emergency Services Show, 21-22 September, NEC Birmingham.  If you would like to pre-book a meeting with a member of our team then please contact us on +44 (0) 1291 437 567 or info@westbase.io.



For further information on 3G/4G Solutions for Emergency Services go to our solutions page by following the link, or alternatively you can download our best practice guide; “Optimising Your On-The-Road Connectivity: Best Practice Guide for Emergency Services”.