Westbase Technology Re-Brands to Westbase.io


Westbase Technology Re-Brands to Westbase.io



Westbase Technology re-brands to Westbase.io, marking our 30th anniversary and planning for future success. Read our full press release below.





[PRESS RELEASE 8 January 2018, CALDICOT UK] Westbase Technology is pleased to announce that the company is rebranding to “Westbase.io”. With 2018 marking the leading 4G LTE and hybrid networking distributor’s thirtieth business anniversary, the new Westbase.io “Better Connected” brand is being introduced to both honour the company’s fruitful history to-date and to evolve it, as it moves into its next successful phase of business.

Westbase.io helps to transform businesses by enabling them to be better connected. Delivering 4G LTE, IoT and hybrid networking solutions, the company supports the changing technological demands on organisations today across a wide variety of industries. The company represents the leading global vendors in cellular wide-area wireless networking and is dedicated to their channel customers, the development and investment in which has always been a core approach for the business in its thirty-year history – including support across all core areas such as sales, marketing, technical, warehousing and finance.

“We have enjoyed rapid growth in the past 5 years,” said Sacha Kakad, Managing Director for Westbase.io, “And we are respected by many as the leading provider of distributed enterprise and IoT networking solutions in the UK and Europe – with our company’s history speaking for itself. As we move forwards though, we now feel the time is right to update our brand while still paying homage to where we’ve come from.”

“The new Westbase.io company name reflects our status as a leading and progressive technology brand, as well as continuing to be a name that our customers and industry trusts,” added Kelly Bell, Marketing Manager for Westbase.io, “Moving the brand forwards to showcase how our company continues to evolve, our thirtieth business anniversary was perfect timing for taking this step.”



A note on changes to our website and email domains as Westbase Technology rebrands to Westbase.io

In line with our re-brand, please note that our website will now be hosted at westbase.io.

The transition from westbase.io will take place over the course of this morning (Monday 8th Janaury) and, once completed, full redirects will be put in place allowing you to easily access any existing page links you may have saved.

All corporate email addresses will also be updated to the new “westbase.io” domain following the format “firstname.surname@westbase.io”, although please don’t worry – any emails sent to previous “westbase.io” addresses will still be received by our team.


We look forward to continuing to work with you in 2018 and beyond under our new company name. If you would like to discuss the re-brand with us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via info@westbase.io or +44 (0) 1291 437 567.