Westbase.io Appointed Vodafone IoT Global Distributor of IoT Solutions

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Westbase.io Appointed Vodafone IoT Global Distributor of IoT Solutions

Helping to deliver Vodafone’s Integrated Terminals, Westbase.io has been appointed as Vodafone IoT global distributor of IoT solutions. Recently announced on LinkedIn, we’re now excited to share more details of this partnership.

Westbase.io has been a long-term partner for Vodafone, having worked with various business units over our long company history. The appointment as the global distributor of IoT solutions for Vodafone IoT marks an important progression in our partnership though.

The Vodafone Integrated Terminals will feature solutions from Westbase.io’s manufacturer partners, CradlepointDigi International and Teltonika Networks, supporting an “integrated” approach to delivering IoT solutions.

Simplifying and accelerating time to market has a huge impact on the potential success of IoT deployments. Vodafone IoT’s single system will provide testing, configuration, hardware selection, shipping and support – positioning their customers for success.

“Vodafone’s integrated approach to connecting IoT applications will help businesses across any region or industry to engage successfully with IoT, and we’re very pleased to have been a part of making this possible,” said Chris Kerslake, Senior Account Director at Westbase.io.

“It’s been a great journey working with the Westbase.io team to bring this extended partnership to fruition,”

– Gregory Curtiss, IoT Terminals Strategy and Product Management Lead at Vodafone.

As Vodafone IoT global distributor of IoT solutions, Westbase.io will provide a full value-added range of services in addition to delivering the core portfolio. Our partner support and 30+ years of experience, perfectly positions us for this partnership; we can’t wait to see what we will deliver with the Vodafone IoT team as the Integrated Terminals roll out to customers.


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