Vuzix at CES 2023: Round-Up

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Vuzix at CES 2023

From awards and releases to cool demos, is bringing you a round-up of Vuzix’ top news from “the most influential tech event in the world”, CES 2023.

Introducing Vuzix Ultralite™

“Be in it” was the message for this year’s Consumer Electronics Show and Vuzix adopted this from the off, winning the CES 2023 Innovation Award for their new Vuzix Ultralite™ smart glasses platform. Providing a sleek, lightweight, wireless and power-efficient solution, the Ultralite is a breakthrough in smart glasses and will be available as an OEM platform. It marks the company’s 19th consecutive year of taking an award at CES, demonstrating their commitment to innovation.

Vuzix CES UltraliteThe Ultralite comes in at just 38 grams and offers 2 days of run time on a single charge. Vuzix’ advanced monocular waveguide optics and custom micro display engine combine to deliver a crisp, transparent image that wirelessly delivers all the important information on a user’s smartphone or watch, hands-free and right before their eyes. Ideal for translation, closed captioning, messaging, directions and workout status among other things, they are also prescription ready. Vuzix is already working with select world leading consumer electronic technology brands around the Ultralite platform to bring the ultimate in lightweight, affordable smart glasses solutions to market.

For and Vuzix partners alike, please note that this is an OEM product and not something that will be joining the ranks of the company’s enterprise solutions such as the leading M-Series and Blade. Find out more on the Vuzix Ultralite OEM page.

Interactive Demonstrations

As well as taking their latest CES award, Vuzix hosted an exciting stand across the 4-day event showcasing their industry-leading enterprise smart glasses range. Delivering interactive demos using the Vuzix M Series, Blade 2 and Shield, Vuzix showcased their latest product developments. Immersing users into the action, Vuzix enabled attendees to “be the hero” and solve real world challenges using their AR technology – showing first-hand how smart glasses can transform workforces.

Vuzix CES DemoA highly popular attraction was Augusta’s Superveloce 800, which attendees were invited to inspect using the Vuzix Shield’s 3D imaging capabilities. Displaying critical information in front of both eyes, along with over the ear speakers, attendees were put into the role of quality check inspector and asked to scan for recalled parts, seeing individual parts in 3D, and making the call if the bike was ready for the road.

Merging Vuzix’ waveguide optics with digital instructions onto real-world tasks, attendees could use the Vuzix Blade 2 smart glasses to help reboot a power station. Showing how even the most complicated and pressured tasks can be simplified, the entire local power grid could rest in the hands of untrained and inexperienced users.

Finally, showing why the Vuzix M400 are the industry’s go-to for enterprise smart glasses, the company enabled attendees to complete an immersive pick and pack assignment.


See in Infrared

Vuzix CES InfraredOther experiences on offer from the company at CES included infrared technology. Originally unveiled at Digital X earlier in 2022, Vuzix built on this excitement at CES by showcasing their accessory adaptor with a FLIR camera. Giving M-Series users a heads-up display of what’s normally hidden from view, and able to be broadcast over Zoom for team inspection, the infrared accessory solution was highly popular with attendees.

Just one way that Vuzix smart glasses can assist in the workplace though, Vuzix featured a wider range of accessories in action at their booth too. is the leading Vuzix distributor in the UK and Europe.

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