VIDEO: How In-Vehicle Networking is Helping to Transform Field Operations


We now live in a mobile world, where we need and expect to be connected everywhere – even the road. 

Whether it’s enabling new transportation technologies, equipping field teams with new capabilities, or offering new customer services, in-vehicle connectivity is becoming essential to many organisations today. Watch our new company video “In-Vehicle Networking: Transforming Field Operations” to find out more about how 4G LTE in-vehicle networking is the answer, and how some organisations are already using it.



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What Is In-Vehicle Networking?

In-vehicle networking is the creation of a network which operates in and around a vehicle – be this a car, van, lorry, bus, train, or even a boat. Westbase Technology provide a unified communications solution, meaning that a single router or gateway can be used to connect multiple applications in the field. We combine our leading routers and gateways with enterprise-grade antenna solutions to ensure the best possible signal can be achieved.

An in-vehicle network can be used to connect a broad range of applications which enable field-based employees and provide an improved customer service, for example; corporate and guest WiFi, location services, mobile asset tracking, in-vehicle or body-worn CCTV, Point of Sale, e- or mobile-ticketing and more.


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