Sierra Wireless LS300 3G M2M Gateway

The Sierra Wireless LS300 3G M2M Gateway is the smallest, most compact managed 3G gateway from Sierra Wireless, designed to be the next generation successor to the market leading Raven series, the LS300 comes standard with Ethernet, USB and serial interfaces, as well as digital I/O and GPS, making it a reliable solution for Industrial and Enterprise applications. Sierra Wireless LS300 features include:

Persistent, reliable 3G network connectivity

Versatile for multiple M2M applications

High-performance and easy installation

Rugged, military spec design for harsh environments

A 3 year warranty

AirVantage Management Service for remote device management


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The Sierra Wireless LS300 is a compact 3G M2M Managed Gateway with a rugged military spec design for Industrial and Enterprise applications.

Building on a proven 20-year track record of over one million deployed AirLink devices, the next-generation Sierra Wireless LS300 gateway provides all the benefits customers have come to rely on from Sierra Wireless, including best-in-class network connectivity, rugged military-spec design and ALEOS embedded intelligence.

The Sierra Wireless LS300 combines multiple interfaces (Ethernet, Serial, USB), and GPS location tracking to support a range of industrial and enterprise applications. Its compact form also makes it ideal for installation in enclosed spaces like vending machines, whilst the rugged military spec design enables it to withstand extreme temperature changes, humidity, shock, vibration and hazardous environments.

The Sierra Wireless LS300 comes with an intelligent set of configurable options to ensure it connects with equipment out of the box. Customers can set up their own security, networking, and routing parameters, activate GPS location tracking and generate reports without any programming.

On board custom logic can also be added to the Sierra Wireless LS300 gateway using the ALEOS Application Framework to collect and analyse additional information from connected equipment, send the data to the Sierra Wireless AirVantage Enterprise Platform, and quickly build M2M applications using web-friendly APIs.

A free 30-day trial of the Sierra Wireless AirVantage Management Service is included with every Sierra Wireless LS300 to remotely configure, deploy, and monitor any size deployment.

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Simplify and scale M2M operations with the Sierra Wireless AirVantage Management Service, allowing users to deploy, monitor, and configure complete M2M systems - managing devices, firmware, embedded applications and airtime subscriptions globally. The Sierra Wireless AirVantage Management Service Datasheet is available here, alternatively watch the Sierra Wireless AirVantage Management Service video to find out more. Register now for a FREE 30 day trial.

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