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Using 4G LTE to Remotely Access Your Customer IT Environment

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4g lte remote working

With physical hands and eyes not possible due to current restrictions, our customers have approached for a remote access alternative. To support, we’ve put together a specific solution and some advice.

Managing Your Customer IT Environments Remotely

Whether it’s to enable initial configuration and setup activities, or on-going monitoring and change management, we have been working with several customers to define a solution which utilises 4G LTE to remotely access their customer site equipment.

Cradlepoint solutions enable out-of-band management by simply connecting them via the console port, and has put together the following recommended solution:

  • Cradlepoint NetCloud Advanced Package with COR IBR600C or IBR200, depending on interface requirements
  • Device Staging to pre-configure before shipment – free of charge on orders of 10+ devices or £15/device if <10.
  • SIM Data Bundles; a range of data bundle choices to suit your requirements*
  • White-Labelled Shipment direct to your customer site (normal delivery charges apply)
  • Pre- and Post-Sale Support included as standard

The included services have been designed to make your roll-out as seamless and quick as possible, but each element is optional so if you would prefer to stage your own devices or have your own connectivity for example, then you can simply take the hardware.

*Please Note: Data bundles are available for and have been designed for this unusual time only, to help our channel if and where you need it, to get this solution to your customer sites fast.

How Does it Work?

When coupled with Cradlepoint’s Advanced NetCloud subscription, the COR IBR600C and IBR200 can simply be connected to the console port on your customer’s equipment, providing you with a direct link to their environment so that you can carry out your services remotely. This out-of-band management capability works without a static IP or opening an external SSH, maintaining security.

Cradlepoint have put together a great video all about their remote connect features; you can watch it here on YouTube for more information.

Find out more

By leveraging 4G LTE, we’re helping our channel to remote connect to their customers’ IT environments – quickly and securely. Speak to your account manager now to find out how you could be leveraging this solution: or +44 (0) 1291 437 567.

Alternatively, just hit the button below to reach us via our website’s contact form: