The Use Case for 4G LTE Rapid, Remote Deployment CCTV Solutions


4G LTE rapid, remote deployment CCTV solutions are becoming highly important to organisations today as they expand their security operations to new locations. Take a look at our latest infographic to find out about key trends in video surveillance and why 4G LTE is the ideal solution for connecting this type of application. You can also download a PDF copy of the infographic by clicking the image below.


4G LTE rapid, remote deployment CCTV solutions


Video monitoring solutions help to improve the security and safety of employees, customers, business sites and assets alike, and are becoming more intelligent and flexible in their deployment to help take this further. The need to extend CCTV solutions to nearly any location forms an essential part of this, but while they still need to be connected for remote monitoring and management purposes a secure connection isn’t always available:


Temporary Sites

Many organisations employ pop-up locations to expand their reach to new audiences, and to bring them closer to existing customers. Retail and hospitality businesses frequently set-up temporary stores, for example, and very often in locations where secure connectivity isn’t readily available – such as shopping centres or outdoors. They need to ensure that the security of their location is still optimal however, so by leveraging a 4G LTE rapid, remote deployment CCTV solution they can achieve just this without worrying about connectivity.

Similarly, it is vital for new construction locations to have video surveillance in place to ensure the security of the site and its many expensive assets, but many sites don’t have fixed lines installed until several months after the build has begun. A 4G LTE rapid deployment CCTV solution can be up and running within days however with no need for access to a fixed line.



The use of in-vehicle CCTV solutions are increasingly popular across emergency service and high value goods transit organisations as it helps to optimise driver, passenger and asset security. In addition, many other businesses such as utilities and public transport are also implementing in-vehicle video surveillance to improve the security and safety of the vehicle and its occupants, as well as provide essential evidence for potential insurance disputes in the event of an accident. Many of these systems are set to record footage throughout the vehicle’s journey/s, all of which is then bulk uploaded to the server on the vehicle’s return to depot – but this approach has limitations.

For example, in the case of an incident, the CCTV’s footage is only of benefit to the organisation if it can be retrieved, but in many cases this simply may not be possible. For example, in an accident the vehicle and it’s on-board CCTV system may be towed, or in the event of vehicle theft the recorded footage is also stolen. By leveraging a 4G LTE connectivity solution for the in-vehicle CCTV however, the footage can be accessed and retrieved remotely at any time, from any location – solving this issue. It also makes it ideal for remotely retrieving footage where there is an urgency to do so, rather than having to wait for the vehicle to return to depot.


Remote Locations

Many remote locations still don’t have the Internet speeds which are necessary to connect a high definition CCTV system, or may not have a fixed line at all, but by leveraging a 4G LTE rapid, remote deployment CCTV solution these sites can be set up with the latest video surveillance within days.



At, all of our 4G LTE networking solutions are cloud-managed. This means that they not only provide instant connectivity to any location for CCTV deployments, but they can also enable simplified remote management of the network which reduces the time necessary to manage and monitor the solution. To find our more about how 4G LTE can be used for security, follow the link provided to our solutions page, or contact your account manager on +44 (0) 1291 437 567 or