The Importance of LTE-Advanced CAT 6




Last month Cradlepoint launched the first ever LTE-Advanced routing platform for enterprises, bringing greater capabilities to the market, and more recently Sierra Wireless has also launched their first LTE-A CAT 6 in-vehicle router, the AirLink MP70. In this article, we take a look at the importance of these developments, and what LTE-A CAT 6 connectivity really means for businesses.



LTE-Advanced CAT 6 first and foremost delivers faster speeds – in fact it is 3x faster than CAT 3. In addition to this it also offers increased capacity with additional bands. Together these improvements not only enhance the user experience of today’s applications, but they also pave the way for new ones. With LTE-Advanced, users will be able to share more data-rich content with ease; from 4K photos and videos to futuristic applications such as virtual reality.


The demand for LTE-A CAT 6

LTE stands for “Long Term Evolution” and LTE-A, or CAT 6, is simply the next evolution in this cellular technology, working alongside the existing CAT 3 version. Users today are consuming more and more data, both in fixed locations and on-the-go. In mobility we’re seeing in-vehicle LTE networking develop into a core application, essential to improved operational efficiencies and customer service. Meanwhile at fixed branch locations, we’re seeing an increased need for failover and OOBM using LTE to reduce cost of downtime. These two examples, and many others, are all driving the need for faster speeds and bandwidth to deliver more data, more easily.

GSMA estimate that average mobile data usage in Western Europe will grow from less than 1 GB per month per user in 2014, to nearly 6 GB in 2019 at a CAGR of 45% – much of which is both enabled and driven by the development and adoption of LTE connectivity.


CAT 6 vs. CAT 3

Organisations are already reaping the benefits of 4G LTE so some may ask, why is the move to LTE-Advanced so important?

LTE-Advanced CAT 6 Internet is bigger and better than CAT 3 because it utilises:

  • Carrier aggregation, which increases bandwidth
  • Spectrum aggregation, which makes the best use of the available spectrum
  • Advanced MiMo, which leverages more antennas for increased spectral efficiency


The below diagram from Cradlepoint shows how this works:

LTE-A illustration

This is important to businesses because it enables more advanced applications, improves the efficiency of existing applications, and increases network capacity which benefits everyone. LTE-Advanced CAT 6 is simply put, the most capable cellular connectivity solution available today which will enable businesses to do even more over 4G LTE than they already can.


Where are LTE-A networks available today?

LTE-A CAT 6 networks are already widely available, with 116 commercially launched systems in 57 countries. The below image from GSA shows where you can find these networks:

LTE-A adoption worldwide


Cradlepoint first to market

The new Cradlepoint LTE-Advanced routing platform for enterprises is the first to market. Equipping the AER and ARC series of products with CAT 6 means increased capabilities at the network edge, improved failover and even greater networking flexibility. To see the LTE-A CAT 6 range of Cradlepoint products, check out our store pages by following this link. Westbase Technology is the Northern and Southern European distributor for Cradlepoint, the global leaders in wireless WAN networking.


Sierra Wireless launch AirLink MP70

The latest addition to the AirLink range, the MP70 delivers LTE-Advanced CAT 6 capabilities to vehicle networking – enabling multiple field applications to work simultaneously, further and faster from the vehicle than ever before. To find out more about the AirLink MP70, check out our product page by following this link. Westbase Technology is the leading European distributor for Sierra Wireless.


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